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56 Year Old Disabled Ex Convict Seeks Housing And Transportation Grant Money

by Eddie Mumford
(Rockville, MD, USA)

I am a 56-year-old male, who has been released from incarceration after serving 38 years.

I have never been married, have no kids, or been in contact with family members due to the length of time incarcerated.

While confined, I acquired my GED and received an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies.

I invested myself in the clerical field and food service management. I obtained my sanitation certificate in a cooking and baking course and learned the fundamentals of institutional cooking for deep fat fryers and grills.

I consider myself to have customer service skills and the ability to deal with unreasonable clients when the need arises.

By far, it was the greatest learning experience especially in view of foolish criminal activity in the future.

It's difficult to mentor youth of today, because they are obsessed with gang activity, drugs and electronics.

How do you tell a kid to go after employment when they can make more in one night selling drugs than the average person's monthly pay?

I am interested in living as a normal life as possible, understanding the debt I owe to society after having received mercy.

In 2002, I was medically issued a drug called Maxcide by prison officials to control my high blood pressure. The drug did wonders for control of pressure, but it utterly destroyed my kidneys

In 2005, I had to have my left kidney removed due to cancer. Once released from prison 2009, my right kidney now displays the same disease and requires removal.

On August 28, 2011, I was declared disabled by Social Security as of March 2008 due to this condition.

I also severely injured by back while incarcerated, which prevents normal activities associated with employment on a unskilled level, which I could mainly expect due to my background and levels of experience.

When released from prison after 38 years, I had to enter homeless shelter after another because I had no place to live or money to afford housing.

I had to seek social benefits from the state to exist. In the last three instances, I was discharged from each shelter because I could not meet their standards you must be able to work to acquire means for housing.

I had initially attempted to gain employment on a part-time basis to satisfy shelter requirements. Due to my felony convictions, no prospects were found. All employers required no convictions.

I have simply existed on the charity of shelters and assistance from the social service department (food stamps / medical services)

I seek assistance in acquiring housing and transportation, as SSI payment only equals $674 per month and that's far below housing affordability.

Also, I must have my right kidney removed and go on dialysis, which would surely preclude me from full-time employment or the ability to purchase affordable transportation.

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