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56 Year Old Female Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant To Relocate To Massachusetts

by Francesca
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)

My name is Francesca. I'm a 56-year-old female disabled veteran seeking a grant to facilitate my relocation from Indianapolis to Massachusetts.

I am alone in Indianapolis with no family or friends to help me with my basic needs such as grocery shopping, laundry and errands.

I need to be closer to my family so they can care for me.

My now estranged husband relocated us here in Indianapolis, IN from New York, NY in 2005.

We separated in 2007 due to his extramarital affair and I've found myself alone here and struggling ever since.

I served in the US Army and Army Reserve and have an honorable discharge.

I receive VA benefits for 10% Service Connected Disability and SSDI and SSI for civilian disability due to a back injury from a bus accident as a passenger.

I can no longer walk very well on my own so I use a walker. Sometimes I tend to fall, which makes climbing up and down stairs quite painful and dangerous.

The apartment where I live in Indianapolis is on the second floor of a three-story walk-up.

It is very painful and dangerous for me to climb up and down the stairs with my walker alone, let alone with groceries and laundry.

Each time I use the stairs it feels as though another piece of my spine is ripping apart.

I have had a few close calls where I've lost my balance on the stairs with the walker.

Not only do I need to relocate to an apartment that is on a ground floor with no stairs but I also want to move closer to my family in Massachusetts where they can look after me better.

And, since I am now on a fixed income, I can no longer afford the rent in the apartment where I live which is greater than 67% of my income.

I don't know how I'll be able to save the money for the moving expenses when I can barely make ends meet from month to month as it is.

I know that if I could just get to my loved ones that I will be okay and a grant could make it possible.

The grant would be reuniting a family and possibly saving a life.

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