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58 Year Old Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money To Escape Slumlords

by Nancy
(Hampton, VA, USA)

I worked for Verizon for 26 years. I was about to be fired because of my disability, which caused me to be absent a lot.

I kept trying to go back to work, but I couldn't. I just couldn't do the job.

In 2000 I applied for SSDI. I did not get anything from them until the middle of 2003. I lost my house as a result.

When I was denied, I filed an appeal and hired a lawyer ($5600). My lawyer told me that I had nothing to worry about.

The judge was locked into a yes because I passed all the criteria. Why then wasn't SSDI locked into a yes?

Since I lost my house I have had to move five times, because of either slumlords or the economy. I owe slumlords the money because they always win in court.

I just moved again, to Virginia, where the cost of living is lower. Well, I have another slumlord.

When I moved into this house it didn't even have heat. They have since fixed it. The backyard was full of garbage.

My toilet bowl rocks back and forth. The front door is in the frame crooked. There is a gap at the top were all my heat goes out the door, and it stick at the bottom. There are no storm doors.

The gutters are so full that they're bending outward. Now the side yard is full of garbage from the new heating system. Whenever it rains my dog is in an inch of water in the backyard.

After the fifth of the month, you're late. I was late once. According to the way he has this figured, I will pay that late charge three times. I cannot afford that, so I will be evicted and I will have to move again.

I am 58 years old and disabled. Every time I have to move it costs me a lot of money.

Only the front windows work because he replaced them. The other windows don't open or close. I have asked him for all of these things, he refuses.

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