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59 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Help To Purchase A Pickup For Business

by Marvin Anderson
(Brownsville, Oregon, USA)

I'm a 59-year-old male with three daughters that I love very much. Two of them are in college and my third is married with my grandson due any day now.

My disability put me out of work in 1999 I have Atrial Fibrillation and Peripheral Artery Disease which has affected my enlarged heart.

I had a pacemaker put in after that. The doctors I see told me I would not be able to work again. They said I was permanently disabled.

I started to have seizures a short time later. I was told I have Epilepsy. I was having what is called Grand Mal Seizures and I would black out.

With my medications I take they are under control. I am able to work around my shop and house as long as I take it easy and do not over do it.

I live on SSD, which is $1054 a month. After I pay rent, phone, and electricity there is not much left.

I have a local church that brings out a small food box each month and to see how I am doing or if I need anything.

I have a friend that takes me to my doctor's appointments. When I have one I try and give him gas money when I can.

I take medications for my heart, seizures, depression and a blood thinner and nitroglycerin for chest pains.

I want to continue to live a independent life and as a small engine repair and service tech.

I will be able to do so this is why I am asking for help to buy a pickup. I have all the other tools I need.

Most of the people I have helped are also living on SSI or SSD so I understand their situation and I work with them on getting there yard equipment working.

I am looking for help in form of a grant to help me buy a pickup truck for hauling mowers, tillers and other yards tools back to my shop if I need to.

Thanks for reading my request for help.

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