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60 Year Old Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Government Grant For Scooter

by Patricia D. Gardner
(Greenwood, Indiana, USA)

My daughter, my best friend

My daughter, my best friend

I am 60 years old living with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Osteoarthritis, a total left knee replacement, and a crushed right foot.

I am retired on disability retirement since 1999 from the Federal government.

My fight foot is the issue. I was in an automobile accident on Feb. 11, 2008. A van cut me off while I was driving my grandson to school.

I was attempting to get into the left turn lane to make a left turn to go over the bridge into the nearby county. While attempting to get into the left lane, a van sped up, and stopped directly in front of me.

I did not have enough time to avoid hitting the back of the van. I hit the van, and my grandson was in the right passenger seat. Both air bags went off, his and mine.

To complicate things, I had a 10-week-old carlin pinscher around my shoulders. I immediately put my right arm out to protect my grandson before we hit. We hit hard. It hurt.

The puppy dropped through my legs, and I checked my grandson. He was alright but scared. He bolted out the door, and I could not move to get him.

My right foot was in extreme pain. The puppy was on the floor. I immediately called my daughter, and said please come and hurry; we've been in an accident.

An ambulance and police came, and I learned that my right foot had been cut three fourths of the way around by the left brake pedal, that my bone was protruding through the tennis shoe, and that they were going to fly me to a trauma center because I was bleeding profusely.

I would not go until I knew my grandson was alright, the puppy was safe, and I could see my daughter. They said, Mrs. Gardner, you are in danger of losing your foot.

I since that day have had three operations on my foot, and I am expecting two more operations this summer, or amputation below the right knee because my foot is failing.

It will not heal, has infection, and the hardware and plates are failing. I am in extreme danger because of my Lupus, and other health issues.

My foot is in excruciating pain so I can't walk for long distances (2 to 3 feet), and I can't stand on it. My daughter pushes me in a transport wheelchair, and it is falling apart.

We need something light to be able to fit in the trunk of our car, and I need something to get around our apartment and be useful. These coming two surgeries or amputation will leave me very incapacitated.

My daughter works at a daycare and I am alone. I need a disability grant for the purchase of a scooter that I found for $600 (way below the cost of others around), and I need some help with medical bills about $2,500.

This will enable me to use public transportation and get to doctor appointments without interfering in my daughter's life. She has had to quit two jobs to help me and just started a new job.

She can't lose another job because of me. I am grateful that my grandson did not get hurt but I want to be useful again.

My daughter lives with me, takes care of me, works full time and is going to school part time to get a BS degree in Criminal Justice.

She works very hard and needs relief in helping me. The disability grant for the scooter is very important. I need help desperately. The scooter is of utmost importance. Please help me help myself.

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