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60 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money For Disabled And Elderly Care Business

by Jonathan
(Knoxville, TN, USA)

Balad Ruz, Iraq 2005 at age 56

Balad Ruz, Iraq 2005 at age 56

On St. Patrick's Day 1978, serving as a Police Officer, I was injured in an automobile accident. The result was two discs being removed from my back and loss of my chosen profession.

I started another career and did well until I had triple by-pass surgery in 2001. Not being one to give up I kept working.

Four years later, as a member of the National Guard, I was mobilized and deployed to Iraq for a year with my unit.

The day I left for Iraq my wife nearly lost her right leg in an automobile accident.

I did my duty in Iraq and came home with 40 percent disability to a wife who is barely able to get around.

Now, at age 60, I find myself forced into retirement and seeking a way to supplement my income to enable us to afford medical treatment and still live reasonably well.

I have four years business management experience and would like to own my own business and make a living for my family while giving back and helping others.

Knowing something of what the elderly and disabled are going through I would like to buy a franchise to assist the elderly and disabled.

The cost is $35,000 but unfortunately I do not have anywhere close to that amount. I have been able to save up about $3,000.

Working for myself would not only enable me to continue to support my family, but also it would also put numerous people to work assisting the elderly and improving their quality of life.

This would serve to relieve some of the pressure on hospitals and social service agencies.

It would also enable family members of elderly persons to themselves go to work without having to worry about whether their aging family member would fall and hurt themselves or would get their medication for the day.

This would be a win-win situation for everyone all the way around.

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