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61 Year Old Disabled Man Seeks Consulting Business Startup Grant Funding

by Samson Wright
(Martinsburg, WV, USA)

I'm a 61-year-old professional male looking for business startup grant funding to establish an association of forensic accounting and auditing experts.

Divorced for over twenty years with three fully grown children, I'm now residing in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

I'm the son of a very proud first generation American. In my early youth, I lived with my maternal Danish grandparents.

My sons are in college. My youngest son is out of the Army after seven years. He's a decorated combat veteran, having served twice in Iraq.

My older son is a member of the West Virginia Army National Guard. Both sons attend WVU in Morgantown, West Virginia.

My oldest child, my daughter, is a pharmacist with Walgreens. My daughter and family (husband and two daughters) live with me, temporarily.

Because of my ear problems, I'm one of the few people in my family not doing a tour in the Army.

During the Vietnam era I was told "women and children first." My family epitomized service with my "mature" maternal grandfather enlisting in the U. S. Army during WWII.

My dad was a Navy deck gunner in WWII, and my stepdad was career Army. He served in Korea and Vietnam where service in Vietnam cost him his life.

My uncle (mom's twin brother) was career Army (enlisting at age fifteen, serving in North Africa, Europe, Korea and Vietnam), even my mom was a WAC, for a short time.

I'm classified "disabled" by the State of West Virginia because of three significant medical events.

First, in 1958, I got a really bad case of "pool ear." I had an extremely virulent virus imbed itself in my left mastoid bone. I almost died from the inept ministrations of a civilian pediatrician working for the Army.

Second, in 2002 I underwent heart bypass surgery and had an ICD implanted in my chest.

Third, in 2008, I had a recurrence of the mastoid virus. Along the way I've had numerous other surgeries.

When I experienced that very bad case of "pool ear" I was a young child living at Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

My ailment progressed so rapidly that I was rushed to Portsmouth Naval Hospital where I underwent two "radical mastoidectomies."

Because of the radical nature of the surgeries, I was rendered completely deaf in my left ear.

The deafness is unfortunate, but not my disability.

I was healed, or so we thought, until that fateful day on the MARC train at the Martinsburg Station in 2008.

In 2002, after experiencing severe shortness of breath, I was diagnosed with heart disease (seven clogged arteries) and underwent bypass surgery at Washington Regional Hospital.

Except for the damage done to my respiratory system (COPD type symptoms), I've not experienced any other life-limiting events.

Now, back to 2008 when I experienced the recurrence of that virus originally attacking my left mastoid bone in 1958.

I was hauled off the MARC train by EMT services and put, unconscious, into an ambulance. I then spent almost four months in and out of comas at Georgetown Medical Center.

Although I don't have any recall, I spent the next two weeks in a coma at City Hospital. I was transferred to Winchester Medical Center.

There I was advised of the recurrence of my ear virus and it was suggest that I undergo my first of three craniotomies.

Shortly after the surgery, I was transferred to Washington County Hospital, near Hagerstown, Maryland. At Washington County, I had my second of three craniotomies.

In spite of my declaration to the hospital of my "intolerance" of Penicillin, it was administered Penicillin and I went into respiratory arrest.

My situation was so grave I was "life flighted" via helicopter to Georgetown Hospital in Washington, D. C. I was revived and intubated at Georgetown.

Unfortunately the intubation was poorly done and my vocal cords were damaged and I couldn't speak above a whisper until March of 2009.

Again, it's unfortunate, but not my only disability. Having been successfully revived, I endured my third craniotomy, as well as having tubes placed in my ears.

To correct the damage done by the mastoid surgeries, I underwent a musculoplasty surgery (reconstruction of the left ear canal) in 1965 at the Letterman Army Hospital in San Francisco, California.

In 1974, because of the earlier ear surgeries, I underwent surgery on my left ear to remove a cyst that had developed where some bone had been removed.

That's where the disability comes in. After so many surgeries on my cranium, heart and ears, my balance is very adversely affected.

I'm "hard of hearing," I suffer from "shortness of breath" and I suffer a mild amount of facial paralysis on my left side. I can walk, after much therapy, but haltingly.

That, coupled with my continual speaking problems, my deafness in my left ear and my age has made me virtually unemployable.

I face several disability challenges.

My greatest difficulty is mobility. The walking is somewhat of a challenge. I bob, I weave, I totter from side to side. But, I get it done.

Hearing is another problem. I've lost all the hearing in my left ear and have some loss in the right ear. Because we all unconsciously read lips, if I can watch someone talk, I can generally get by.

Speech is a different problem. I've not discovered any way to mask the slurred speech, the tripping over words and other side effects of damaged vocal cords and partial facial paralysis.

Finally, I suffer from shortness of breath. This problem compounds the speech problems by limiting my breath and causes me to tire more rapidly.

These challenges prevent me from doing some very routine things around the house, involving stooping or lifting heavy objects.

At work, getting there is the greatest problem. With the persistent elevator and escalator "outages," Metro is not "friendly" to the handicapped commuter.

My challenges don't require any special accommodations or equipment. I've not had to use a "walker" or wheelchair since early 2009.

The muscle mass I lost due the hospitalization has slowly returned. The therapy at the Hospital's "Wellness Center" that I paid for out of my own pocket was very helpful.

My professional qualifications along with the right kind of business startup grant funding will help me establish an association of forensic accounting and auditing experts.

I'm a highly trained auditor with almost forty years of experience. I hold a degree in business, specializing in accounting and computer sciences.

And, I'm in compliance with all my CPE requirements, completing over one hundred hours in 2011, alone.

I hold CPA certificates in Virginia (Certificate 4536) and West Virginia (Certificate 004871), and, am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

During the years, I've also held CPA certificates in California, Texas and Maryland. After forty years, I have never experienced any action against my CPA certificates.

In addition to being a CPA, I'm a certified fraud examiner (CFE), and a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) (Member 525738). I'm also a member of the CPA Fraud Society.

I also hold a "Top Secret" security clearance.

I have a diverse background in audit (over twenty years), financial management (about eight years) and consulting (about ten years).

The audit experience includes financial attestation audits (opinion), internal audits, performance audits, federal campaign audits for the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and OIG audits for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Special Inspector General Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR).

Inasmuch as most of my work has always been at a desk, with the right resources, I know that I can build a successful consultancy practice, providing services to other CPAs, attorneys, government contractors, campaign fund committees and banks and jobs to other qualified professionals.

Using my limited resources, I've chartered a PLLC in West Virginia, buying $2,000,000 of professional liability insurance and spending over $1,000 of my limited funds.

For marketing purposes and using the Internet, I've compiled lists of CPAs, attorneys and forensic professionals in my market area.

I've contacted the CPA licensing authorities in the states contiguous to West Virginia to ascertain the "mobility" of my professional credentials.

I'm looking for a business grant as seed capital to start a new business for a "disabled" owner, proving consultancy services for accounting, internal audit and investigative services.

My idea is to form a professional association of other professionals to bid on contracts, government and otherwise, to provide audit and forensic accounting services.

I've not developed a formal business plan, but I've done independent consulting for over ten years and know that I can make this venture a success.

The right kind of business startup grant funding is all I need to make it happen.

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Oct 09, 2011
Business Startup Grant Funding Advice
by: Don from Accessible.Org

Hi Samson,

Your story will inspire readers and get results too. Although you are disabled in multiple ways, you've shown that you're able to rise above it with your strong determination.

Your disabilities suggest that it would be easier for you to operate your business from home.

Please copy and paste https://www.ability-mission.org/bizsponsor into your browser to gather information about an online business sponsorship program that suits you to a tee.

Don't be turned off by the "online" part of this. In doing all the research and planning under the expert guidance of a "been there, done that" mentor, you'll gather all the information you need about starting up any kind of business whether offline or online.

So there you go... solid business startup grant funding advice in a form you probably never expected!

All the best,
Don Coggan from Accessible.org

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