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62 Year Old Single Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Writing Knowledge

by Colleen
(Spring City, TN, USA)

I'm a disabled, single, 62-year-old woman. I became disabled 12 years ago with MS.

I was working on my career in Histology of 20 years, when I had an episode that paralyzed my left side, so that was the end of my career.

I began working on my recovery. The doctors declared me totally disabled. So I filed for Social Security and received it. I am trying to live on social security for my income.

But I'm finally getting in condition to grow in another direction in my life. I have seen and lived here in this small town, when I was making a good living, to my present condition.

I realize all the problems of the poor, disabled, and elderly a lot more than I used to. Their needs are the same as everyone else.

I'm interested in putting people to work and improve the small city I live in. I want to remodel some of the homes and redo some of the businesses that were closed down when the highway came through.

Our city, which is made up of mostly elderly, disabled people, needs uplifting. They need someone to help them out with their home repairs, remolding them to be more energy efficient at a moderate price that they can afford.

The town needs affordable rental spaces for small business. There is so much knowledge in this town being wasted because no one can afford to get a space to start a small business, to let the public know what the people know.

We are losing so much great knowledge each day. So I want to start improving all of this with building or remodeling existing building here in our small town.

We are in a prime location since the highway was made into a four-laner. The town just needs someone to give it its uplift.

I believe I can get some of this done. I feel I'm giving back to all of the services that I have received in the past.

I want to continue my education in business at our local community college. I want to learn how to write grants so our small town gets their fair share of the money that is given to the county and state.

My son-in-law and I have a small construction business that I am very interested in helping him to improve.

My town is in dire need of jobs and businesses. There is none of either in our small town. I would like to develop some work here to keep our young here.

We are an aging area. Most of population is elderly or disabled. The young have to look for jobs in other areas and we all know this is not good for any town.

You have to have some growth to continue to survive. Our county is in the same shape. A few have it all. The rest are left to survive on their own.

I hope to put an end to some of this. I need all the help I can get. As you can imagine all these things create problems in a small town as well as other areas. Politics cause problems when they get in the way of progress.

I want to get some construction work going on by buying and remodeling businesses that have sat empty for years during highway construction.

Here are some of the businesses I wish to open in the little malls that I make out of the present buildings.

Tool store (Harbor Freight)
Fabric store
Dollar Tree (everything a dollar)
Quilting shop
Offer lessons in all these fields
Rental at a reasonable price, so more people can put in their businesses in the store
Making sure the stores are energy efficient in construction as well as every day use.

I want to continue my education in business and encourage all my workers to return back to school. Education is very important for the future, as well as the present growth of the small town and large cities.

Colleen, Small Town, U.S.A.

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