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62-Year-Old With Severe Depression And Other Disabilities Seeks Debt Relief Grants

by Darla
(Saint Joseph, MO, USA)

I am a 62-year-old low-income, divorced lady with multiple disabilities. Chronic severe depression is at the top of the list.

Overcoming depression is a major goal. One way would be to find debt relief grants to help pay off old medically induced expenses.

While working as Associate Circuit Clerk/Probate Clerk, I raised two children alone. To make ends meet, I sometimes worked several jobs at once, including walking in corn and bean fields pulling weeds for farmers.

My children were raised in a Christian environment and attended church regularly. I voluntarily played the piano for the kindergarten group for 22 years.

My children are my life, and I attended all of their activities. They are adults now, and I am very proud of them for their success. Now I am also a grandmother with four adorable grandchildren.

When my son was a junior in high school and my daughter was a freshman, I started having very bad panic attacks and finally entered in-patient hospitalization.

I stayed for a week, had meds adjusted and entered into counseling for depression. A week later, I went back to work and my active life. Life was difficult for my children and me.

After both of my children graduated and left for college, my depression escalated. I entered counseling and saw a psychiatrist monthly, sometimes weekly.

In 1994, after having worked at the courthouse for twenty years, I retired from my job for medical reasons (depression).

Vocational Rehabilitation paid for me to attend Vatterott College where I received my degree as a medical assistant.

Soon thereafter a doctor hired me as his transcriptionist, but I just couldn't handle the job. I have tried to work but have been unable to do so.

In 1999, I married.

In 2004, I was adjudicated to be federally disabled from severe depression retroactive to November of 1999.

In 2006, I needed a hip replacement, which I had with negative results. I can barely walk and am in pain constantly.

Medical bills have been enormous. I have traveled to Kansas, Missouri and Florida. Expenses for the Mayo Clinic were $8,000, and of course, I didn't have the money, so it was charged to my credit card.

My severe depression and constant pain made it difficult for my marriage to survive, and my husband began to abuse me both mentally and physically.

I knew I had to get out of the situation. I filed for divorce. I was unaware that my husband had taken all of the money from our checking account and savings account. That left me with no home and virtually no money.

My husband was supposed to pay the final bills but he refused to do it so I had to pay them in the amount of $6,000. I had no money, so this was also charged to my credit card. I will never have the money to pay for these cards, and credit agencies have been calling me. This is so depressing.

I was thrilled to find an apartment through low-income housing. Even with my disability check and my Missouri State Retirement, I can barely survive.

Because of the hip replacement and the way I was forced to walk, I required a knee replacement on the same leg in 2010.

I still have terrific pain. My medical costs are astronomical. In December of 2010, I had nothing to eat for three days because I didn't have money to buy groceries.

Today I traveled to Saint Luke's Hospital Northland in Kansas City where I had shots in the nerves in my back to help reduce the pain.

A week from today, I have to go back and have radiofrequency ablation, which is a process to burn the nerves. Hopefully, it will permanently reduce the pain.

I need to go to the dentist to have a partial plate made and need an appointment with an eye doctor but will not have the money for them.

I am now unable to hire the psychiatrist that I have used since 2001, and that will be a great tragedy and more depressive.

Now my depression is so severe that I just sit in my apartment with the drapes pulled and cry.

I am seeking debt relief grants for past and future medical expenses, as well as normal living expenses. My estimate for these services is $20,000.

I am so thankful that there are programs like this one to help people in despair.

If there are any benefits available for mental health, I would be very grateful for your consideration.

Darla in Missouri

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Dec 22, 2011
Reply regarding children
by: Darla

Yes, I have two children who are grown and have families of their own. My daughter has tried to help some, but my debts are so large, I don't think I could ever ask them for that much. My daughter has four children of her own and two step-children. She has her hands full. My son and I are estranged since he was in college and needed more money than I could give. I love my children, but they have done all they possibly can do. Thank you for your concern. It's nice to know that there are people like you out there who really do care.

Dec 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Can your children help you?

Dennis Apostillaire, Netherlands

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