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63 Year Old Vet Seeks Government Grant Money For English Language Schools

by Jim
(Tampa, Florida, USA)

I am a Viet Nam Era Vet on SSI. I'm 63 years old, educated, well spoken, and seem to have a knack for Cross-Culture Communication, which I specialize in.

I am TEFL Certified and have a solid business background.

So, here's the market the way I see it. Every year there continues to be a large influx of foreign aliens into The United States.

There are two reasons these new additions to our population fail, or have huge difficulties merging into the "melting pot."

1. Insufficient language skills. A basic (at least conversational level) understanding of the English Language is imperative. Without this skill everything from jobs to navigation become major problems.

2. Culture Shock. For the first year most of these incoming persons will find significant issues trying to merge their own values, customs, ideas, values, practices, perceptions, beliefs, and more, with an entirely different society.

My plan calls for the establishment of schools in those countries who supply America with the most immigrants.

The mission of these schools will be to not only teach basic English skills, but also to pre-acculturate the attendees in order to reduce culture shock and expedite absorption into their new home.

The use of TEFL, ESL and TESOL qualified teachers would create jobs and insure quality assurance.

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