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65 Year Old Accident Disabled Grandpa Needs Accessible Housing Grant Money

by Grateful Friend
(Pikeville, Kentucky, USA)

Hills of Eastern Kentucky

Hills of Eastern Kentucky

My best friend's dad wrecked his van over a cliff in mid-December 2009. He was pulled over to the side of a back road watching a doe and fawn eat.

The next thing he remembers is being pinned inside his van. The van was either hit by another car, or slid somehow off the bank. We still do not know the whole story.

He was inside his wrecked vehicle for at least four hours. He says he saw two cars pass by and look down at him. He kept honking his horn. He thought he was going to die. No one came to help.

The vehicle flipped down that hill and smashed him under the dash and steering wheel. He was flown to Huntington Hospital.

He has one blood daughter who has five kids. One is now 19 and is serving her second year in the Army. The second oldest is 16 and has a one-year-old child. Her other three children are aged 3-7.

Although his daughter's hands are full, she has spent every day trying to sit with her daddy at the hospital. She's made arrangements for her four kids and grandson to be taken care of so as to leave her father alone.

He is currently at his third hospital undergoing physical therapy. The social worker at the hospital needs her to come into her office Monday, March 1, 2010 to talk about his discharge.

She is unable to bring her father to her house due to the fact that she is a single mother of five children at home, along with a grandchild.

The Social worker will not let him come to her home. Pap has to have someone to stay with him 24/7 and no one but his daughter even visits him regularly.

Her father was told he may be able to walk again they are not sure. It will be three months mid-March since the accident and still no change, but he suffered a broken spine in several places and other injuries that I cannot quote.

He is a very loving man and his whole life he has spent helping others. I know many women that he has kept from being beat on or killed by abusive men.

He has brought food to families who were on the verge of starving, and clothes to families that had kids who needed to stay warm and go to school.

He himself has worked his whole life mostly helping farmers. He has worked at dairy farms and worked 18-hour shifts. His income is really low and he is drawing Social Security.

He has loved the outdoors and he raised three children besides his own. He was always hunting and could survive in the wilderness if he needed to. He may never do such stuff again.

His self-respect and self-esteem are gone. He looked at me today and said, "I know what that lady from the office wanted to talk to my daughter about."

When I asked him what, he said "They're going to put me in a nursing home. I still can't even sit up or go to the bathroom. I will never be able to go back to my apartment."

He is giving up on the thought of ever walking again. The thought that he will have to wear "diapers" his whole life is bringing him into a depression.

There have been very little visitors to come see him. His biggest joy is to see his grandkids come in with his daughter. She comes every morning and evening to see him. The hospital is fairly close to where she lives.

We have found him a handicapped apartment and are trying to figure out how to manage one of us being with him at all times, but there is no way he will be able to have the grandkids constantly with him.

He is in too bad of shape to be able to handle the aggravation/stress small children can bring especially that many at a time.

I really need advice on how to financially get help on getting him a handicapped passenger vehicle so we can get him to doctors and get him out for recreation and physical therapy.

We need a wheelchair for him, a lift to get him in and out of the bed, a bathing chair and so many more things, we are trying to think of and make a list -- depends, pads to put under him, a hospital bed with a bar for him to pull himself up, and the money to get him the apartment that is handicapped accessible.

If anyone can help with even a dollar we would appreciate it. Even advice on where to turn to get help for his financial needs would be appreciated.

He has no support from anyone besides his daughter. She doesn't know where to start. She doesn't even have a computer, so in the last few weeks I have been helping her seek information online to hopefully find a way for her Daddy to have a home.

Please help this sweet man. I have set aside a PayPal account on his behalf. Please even a dollar would be a big help.

If everyone that read this story contributed just $1, it would help so much. Thank you all in advance and God bless you and your families.

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Mar 02, 2010
The best way to get help!
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

The best way to get help in the case of donations is to do it through a recognized website set up for that purpose.

Unfortunately we cannot publish e-mail addresses here, especially those connected with PayPal accounts, because we don't have the resources ourselves (all our time is volunteered) to verify that the money gets to the right place.

So, your best bet is to work with an organization that is set up to take charitable donations through the Web. Let us know the Web address and we'll publish that.

Feb 28, 2010
I wrote this story...
by: Heather

I don't understand how anyone can help any of these people. There is not even a place to contact anyone. I do have a PayPal account set up for this man. If anyone has even a dollar to give for this man, please help!!!

Feb 28, 2010
Help can come from anywhere!
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hi Pat,

There's a lot of hype on the Internet and on TV too about how easy it is to get a grant.

It is true that there are billions of dollars being awarded in grants every year.

Most of it goes to major organizations and nonprofits. Very little goes to individuals.

That said, there is hope for help. Individuals can get:
- benefits to which they're legally entitled
- grants for specific purposes (like education)

The more a person gives specifics about their disability or other need the more likely it is that someone else will be able to identify with that need and be helpful.

The help doesn't always come in the form of a grant. It could be a referral to a service that another person has used successfully.

Books are available. We mention two on the site. They should be considered educational, not the key that unlocks the grant vault.

And you don't have to buy any books. Most are available in your public library.

For any grant search, the best place to start is at www.grants.gov and go from there.

Feb 27, 2010
Has anyone gotten help?
by: Pat Helton

I have read several of these including my own but I haven't seen anything where someone has gotten help. Is this grant thing just a myth or is there any help available? I can't afford to by books or pay someone to apply for a grant for me. I don't know if this is legit or not. Is there any grant money available or is this just another way to scam old people?

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