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65 Year Old Charles Seeks Grant Money To Continue Musical Caregiving

by Charles V. Davis
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Real Love, Grace and Miracles are still alive on Planet Earth, and I'd like to share with you how they really are alive and working on planet Earth.

Though I've worked as a caregiver in hospitals, hospice centers, and rest homes for a long time, an old Teacher of mine once said to me, "What you don't understand, Charles, is that our hospitals and rest homes are now more sick than the people coming to them for help."

I have played the piano and organ all my life and at the age of 40, I went back to college and got a degree in Music Therapy. I now use this wonderful Gift to teach others to awaken their Gifts and be of Service within their individual communities.

God blessed me with an Internet Radio Show, "The Radio-Active Ascension," which you can hear on www.sedonalights.net on Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

I'm now 65... and semi-retired, but I still have a lot to give. Having worked as a caregiver for over 35 years, I've learned through direct experience the truth of my Teacher's words.

I also learned how very important Light, Color, Music, fresh air and heartfelt Love are -- in both the healing process and in giving comfort to the dying. This has been at the heart of my work for the past 10 years.

We all live and we all die, and learning how to do this with a little Grace is what my work is all about.

Sadly, there is not one person among us whose family has not been touched by Cancer. Hospitals, clinics, and hospice centers love it when I come in and do my thing.

By "my thing," I mean playing music for the Alzheimer's patients and the people in chronic pain. I go from room to room, put the headphones on the individual and just let the music flow.

If you haven't seen how Music effects Alzheimer's patient or the effect it can have on patients in a coma, you wouldn't believe it.

But my synthesizer no longer works and I need a new set up. Namely, I need a new synthesizer and speakers to do my work. This means I need $3,000 to replace my worn-out equipment.

Because I believe in Grace and Love, I know there is a way for me to get back into using my Gift to make a difference for others.

We all need a little Miracle in our lives now and then, and I want to thank you ahead of time for giving because in helping me you are helping a lot of peopleā€¦ for some have entertained Angels unaware. Thank you. Charles.

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