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67 Year Old Handicapped Woman Seeks Mobility Grant For Job Security

by Barbara McDonald
(Pojoaque, New Mexico, USA)

I am a handicapped woman age 67 working in the accounting and payroll office of a hotel in Los Alamos, NM.

I live in Pojoaque, NM and commute 40 miles a day.

One year ago I took a bad fall in my bathroom resulting in being unable to walk any longer.

I have two bad knees (now not holding my weight) and a bad left hip socket mostly eaten away by arthritis.

Prior to this accident I was able to walk short distances. After the accident I could no longer walk.

I can barely stand long enough to move from my mobility power chair to the bed, or toilet seat.

I had acquired a 1990 Chevy van that had a hydraulic chair lift, but the hydraulics have become useless, and the doors do not work now.

The van has been 'nickel and diming' me to death for some time now, and the van is no longer reliable. I have been stranded several times in it, and helpless, relying on strangers to help get me (in my chair) off the lift.

Transportation is essential for me to keep my job. I have been doing my job for four plus years for the current business owner, and worked nearly 10 years for the previous owner.

I have no savings of any kind, and live paycheck to paycheck. My son lives with me with his young daughter, and it takes both paychecks to pay the living expenses.

If I were to lose my job, we would be in serious trouble financially. I could possibly lose my home.

I am seeking financial help in procuring a new/used handicap vehicle that would be dependable, and give me the independence necessary to keep my job and get myself to doctors appointments, etc.

It is extremely difficult to find someone to give you a ride to work when the 'ride' entails loading a mobility chair as well.

A grant would go a long way in preserving the well-being of my family.

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