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68 Year Old Amputee Seeks Grant For Wheelchair Accessible Home And Repairs

by Gary Lookadoo
(Summerville, SC, USA)

I'm a 68-year-old man, married to a wonderful woman for 31 years with one daughter. I'm looking for help with our everyday expenses.

In January of 2011 I lost my left leg. It all started about midyear 2010 when I was told that I had peripheral artery disease and I needed arterial replacement surgery.

They told me it would last for at least 5 years. It didn't.

In January 2011 I went back in the hospital with the same problem and congestive heart failure. My heart was functioning at 20% of normal.

I was told that I needed additional surgery on my leg and a heart defibrillator placed in my chest. I woke up after surgery without my left leg.

I was sent home after a hospital stay with an infection in my stump and was readmitted three days later.

They removed my leg about half way up my thigh. I was fitted for an artificial leg before the swelling in my leg went down and it didn't fit.

I was told to wear it anyway using special socks to make it fit better. This caused the scar to open up and it took 3 months to heal.

They replaced the faulty part and now I can wear it but I need to learn to walk all over again.

I know that one day I'll be able to walk again but until then I have to rely on a wheelchair to get around.

I was working until this happened but now it is impossible. I'm drawing my social security and my wife works for Shoney's as a waitress.

Our income is about $2000 per month.

Our monthly expenses are: vehicle payment of $486, lot rent $256, insurance $236, medication $125, $160 for gas if we don't go anywhere, $100 for credit cards, and about $400 for food and I'm sure I've left something out.

Our house is 21 years old. It was a rental unit before we got it so it needed some repair. I did a lot of it before I was disabled but it still needs some work that I can't do.

It has holes in the living room floor and one of the bedrooms, which we covered with furniture.

The carpet in the living room is worn out and the bathroom needs to be redone.

I can get in and out of our truck but I have to use a manual wheelchair since we don't have a lift for an electric one.

We had to have a wheelchair ramp built so I could get in and out. It cost $1200. I've managed to pay $250 on it but I still owe the rest.

I've tried to find some work that I can do from home but so far all I've found have been scams.

I've never applied for a grant before because I hate to have to ask for help and never have but now I have no choice.

I need a grant to fix up my house and help with everyday living expenses.

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