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68 Year Old Vietnam Veteran Seeks Disability Grant For Two Bedroom Home

by Donald Faustman
(Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)

I am a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran. I served as a radioman aboard the USS Renshaw (DD/DDE-499), a Fletcher-class destroyer, which is now decommissioned.

I'm divorced and the father of two children who are now grown boys with their own jobs.

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Disability Issues

I am classified as 20% disabled with hearing loss. At the age of 55 I began to have seizures.

I have hearing aids and take medication for balance issues.

High frequency usage damaged my eardrums but no one can tell me what has caused seizures.

Financial Hardship

In 1995 I owned a two-bedroom house in Lincoln, Nebraska, and took a job where housing was provided.

I rented that home to a couple. The husband was in some kind of construction business. His manager called him to Texas. I put the house on the market because I couldn't afford it.

No one was interested, and I ended up selling at a $3,000 loss. I used my housing benefit on this house.

Income Efforts

I was working at the University of Nebraska but needed to quit because my balance was getting worse.

I did apply for and am currently receiving Social Security Disability (now called retirement) in the amount of $1,431 plus $58 for my hearing loss.

Specific Needs

How can I get that $3,000 loss repaid so I can get a two-bedroom home? I want to live in a home, not in a HUD residence, as I am now doing.

I want to live where there aren't multiple people with multiple personalities and multiple worries.

I would have to make a home disability accessible. I have a wheelchair, pusher and a cane.

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