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79 Year Old Veteran Seeks Government Grant Money For Financial Survival

by Paul
(Jonesboro, GA, USA)

My father was in the Navy and served on the USS Yorktown Carrier in early 1950s.

He and my mother live in Jonesboro, GA and have three daughters, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

For my father's 79th birthday this past May 12th, 2011 he had his Driver License revoked.

My father has been medically deemed legally blind due to Macular Degeneration eye disease.

This is why I am writing this and I had to create an email for him for this grant request that he will never be able to use.

At great cost to my parents the bleeding has been medically stopped with injections to his eyes, but too late for his sight.

My father receives less than the Social Security maximum, but has been denied VA assistance due to my parents combined income, which is less than $43,000 annually.

He was advised that if they were divorced, after 55 years of marriage, he could receive benefits. This is not an option.

He also has been denied Supplemental Security Income for the same reason.

Unfortunately they still have a house payment that costs over $10K annually, which includes tax and insurance.

With the price of daily essentials escalating, it's a struggle for them and especially for repairs that are needed to their aging house.

They can't sell their home because of the real estate economic decline.

My dad has given to his country, his family and his church and I would like to see him get back some of his self-esteem.

He and my mother need the confidence and assurance they can survive financially a few more years while they are able and alive.

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