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80 Per Cent Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant For Relief Medically Caused Debt

by Susan Russell
(Biloxi, MS, USA)

My name is Bobby M. Russell and I am an 80% disabled veteran of the Air Force and the Mississippi Air National Guard who faithfully served his country without hesitation or regret for 31 years.

I live in Biloxi, Mississippi with my wife Susan, and my daughter Maggie. I was on active duty during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and I saw a lot of things that nobody should have had to see.

In 2008 I was medically discharged from the Mississippi Air National Guard. Unfortunately, the Air Force Medical Board decided that I was only 20% disabled, deserved a kick to the street, and without any health benefits for myself or my family.

After 16 months of letter writing to Congressmen, I finally found a senator who assisted me in receiving my true disability.

We are still in the process of pursuing the Air Force for getting health care for my family but I myself am now covered by the Veteran's Administration for my health care.

My wife is a stay at home mom because my 13-year-old daughter has special needs in school.

I am fortunate in that the VA is going to pay for me to go to Tulane University to obtain a degree so that I may obtain employment.

However, one disability check is not enough to pay the rent, utilities, groceries, medical and dental for my family.

In fact, our rent is one half the check. We live hand to mouth and are struggling to survive as we did those 16 months ago, before when we did not have the disability check.

I only know that when I joined the Air Force in 1979, they made promises to me that they did not keep.

I served my country for 31 years. I believe in the United States Constitution. I believe in working hard and giving more then 100% to everything that I strive to achieve.

I believe that as long as there is hope and perseverance, family and friends, the love of God and Country, one can get through anything because with these things, all things are possible.

One cannot lose heart. I am hoping to find some form of grant assistance that would help me with the cost of living, and assist in providing health and dental care for my wife and daughter, as I embark on my education for the betterment of my family.

Thank you for any government grant or other help you can direct me to.

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