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80 Year Old Korean War Veteran Seeks Government Grant To Relieve Debt

by Anthony L. Pacitti
(Herndon, VA, USA)

I am an 80-year-old man who was a Korean War Veteran. I have diabetes also have spinal stenosis and have third stage kidney failure.

My wife is 75 years old and has severe osteoporosis and I am her caregiver. She is wheelchair bound.

I was supposed to have back surgery but had to refuse surgery due to my wife's condition. I have to lift her into bed or toilet, prepare her meals, etc.

Our only income is a Social Security Check for $2258 per month. Our medication and Doctor bills take a good portion of our income.

We have a credit card balance over $26,000, which we are unable to pay down.

The County sends a nursing assistant to bathe my wife once a week (2 hours) but will not assist me. It is getting increasingly more difficult for me to meet her physical needs.

We live with our daughter (single) who works long hours to be able to pay the rent on our living accommodations. The city we live in (Herndon, VA) is very expensive place to live.

We have nothing of value, except a 2004 Hyundai car. No savings account and only $5000 life insurance each.

A money grant to pay off our indebtedness and give us a cushion for future medical needs and burial expenses would help alleviate the stress we live under. Thank you for your consideration.

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Dec 02, 2009
Keep the faith!
by: Anonymous

Keep the faith in the good Lord, even if it's hard at times. You will get your reward in Heaven. May God bless.

Nov 30, 2009
God bless you!
by: Anonymous

My father fought the Korean War as well as his brother, my uncle. I lost my Dad at the young age of 47, and through a surgical error, my mother to mantle cell lymphoma.

The federal government will bury you free, and give you a headstone.

As for the other issues, please try your church. Go to your pastor with this letter, and remember they are nonprofit organizations. My heart aches for you. It truly does, as I am a disabled nurse, 53 years of age. I had to fight for my disability for three years. I was denied twice. I had to refile and only got three months back pay. We are in the same situation as you only younger.

My husband is totally deaf, however he rigs boats at a local place near home. He has worked there for many years. He lost his hearing because of bacterial meningitis, at age 20. He holds a BS in Psychology, and a Minor in Chemistry. However no one would hire him. There is much discrimination out there!!

God bless you and keep you safe. Take care, try to go to your church pastor and ask for help okay? They will probably be able to help you and your wife, even with meals and someone with a kind heart to do a bath or two for your wife. Good luck, I know you can do this!!! Trust in God!!!

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