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89 Year Old Veterans Widow And Her Caregiver Desperately Seek Grant Money

by Jennifer Snyder
(Pompton Lakes, NJ, USA)

I am an 89-year-old widow. My husband of 49 years passed away in October of 2010. He was a veteran and belonged to many organizations.

I have three children, one daughter who lives with me and is my sole caregiver, and two sons who live in Florida and Pennsylvania, and two deceased children.

My daughter's children often come to visit and to help as often as they can in every way they can.

Shortly before my husband Robert's passing, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I need to be on oxygen and take several medications on top of me also having diabetes.

Once I was feeling better and coping with my disease, I then, recently suffered a fall.

Being 89 years old I have brittle bones. I was hospitalized and received a fractured shoulder and two breaks in my pelvis.

Due to my injuries I have had a very hard time getting around and doing anything for myself including my mandatory physical therapy.

My physical incapability to move around or do daily necessary things for myself has made my daughter sole caretaker of myself.

This has also caused her to have to take leave of absence from her job, which is now the only real income we have and we depend mostly on that to make our mortgage payments and live off of.

We have been contacted several times in order to foreclose on the house and we have nowhere to go and we are trying to desperately make ends meet.

With my medical state and my daughter having to take care of me it is very hard for us.

My daughter's car also broke down over a year ago and in order to grocery shop or get to doctors appointments we have to ask for rides or rent a car, which is also not cheap.

If we could just get our "head above the water" we could fix her car, pay our bills.

Once physical therapy starts helping she could go back to work and we can finally not have to worry about being stuck on the street with all of my medical equipment that is needed and our personal belongings.

I earn my own personal income by SSI check from my late husband and my husband's small pension from the Acme Supermarkets.

I have also refinanced my home in the past a few times in order to make our payments.

I am looking for a possible grant to help with paying my mortgage so that I do not have to worry about being disabled AND on the street.

I am not looking for a handout. I have always earned my own way. It is just that this is becoming too much for me to handle at this moment and just need some help.

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