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94 Year Old Woman Needs Grant Money For Walk In Bath To Soothe Pain

by James Kammerzelt
(Oconto Falls, WI, USA)

My mother is 94 years old and lives alone. Her husband passed away in May of 2000.

She has four children three of which live in the same town she does and one that lives 100 miles away. So far she has managed to remain in her home living independently.

Although she hasn't been able to drive for the past seven years due to macular degeneration she has had help from her children to run errands, shop, and get to medical appointments.

My mother suffers from severe arthritis, macular degeneration, severely impaired hearing and limited mobility.

She currently uses a walker but cannot go to far. She can remain on her feet for an hour or less and then must lie down. A trip to the grocery store will wear her out.

Her biggest problem is the arthritis that causes her constant pain in her back and legs. She has lived with this for 4-5 years and it is getting progressively worse. She is in need of more and more help to get around.

My mother is a stubborn woman and intends to remain in her home until she passes away.

Over the years things have been getting harder and harder for her to do. She used to clean up her yard, shovel some snow, scrub her own floors, do her own laundry and in general take care of her house and yard.

It has gotten to the point where two of her children do most of the yard work and some of the housework. Mom still does housework when she feels good enough to do it, which amounts to maybe once a month and many times longer.

She is afraid to take a bath because she fears that she will not be able to get out of the tub. I believe she is absolutely right about this as she lacks the arm or leg strength to get herself up.

Over the years she has enjoyed taking a bath and soaking in the warm water but now she is reduced to taking sponge baths by herself.

She has been going to doctors and pain clinics for several years and both have finally told her there is nothing they can do for her any more. There are no drugs that will eliminate the pain.

She would love to be able to take a bath and that is why I am writing this letter. Living on a very small pension and social security she cannot afford to have a walk-in tub built into her home.

If there is a way that this can be accomplished at minimal expense she would be delighted.

It hurts me to see what happens to people when they get old and encounter debilitating conditions that alter their life style to the point that even the little things they once enjoyed can no longer be done.

My goal is to give her as comfortable life as possible in her remaining years.

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