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Able Family Seeks Government Grant For Home For Disabled People

by Tracy Medley
(Imboden, AR, USA)

I am a 40-year-old woman who works with people with disabilities.

These disabilities range from mental retardation to autism to cerebral palsy to Down syndrome to Charcot-Marie Tooth Disorder.

Some of these are mild, while others are severe. Some were born with these disabilities, while others have been adult onset.

My family and I have such a heart for these people that we would like to buy a home with land to provide a safe and therapeutic place for those that we can take in, who are looking for a loving family.

We would like to furnish the home with the necessary items that they would need, such as, ramps, wheelchairs, showers with a seat, properly equipped bedrooms, as well as, therapeutic animals to help improve their quality of life.

Many disabled people and their families are faced with steep financial burdens due to the strain of the disability because they can't provide the proper care and give the proper environment and equipment.

Some are forced to have the burden lifted by allowing others to step in, like my family, and take on the responsibilities of caring for them.

They deserve to live a dignified and quality life, just like anyone else.

I have hope for what's out there by way of help. My family isn't financially able to take on this project so dear to our hearts without financial assistance.

For us to come up with the funds is not possible. My family would greatly appreciate the help through the grants for disabled people.

There is a home with land available that would work for this project. It is priced at $625,000. With proper furnishings, the total cost would be approximately $750,000. This would help their lives tremendously.

We will always remember those that helped to give those with disabilities the quality of life that they so deserve. Thank you for your time, help, and concern.

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