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About Our Board Of Advisors

Updated March 7, 2017

Ability Mission, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with no political or government affiliations, is set up as a private operation with an objective to do good for people with disabilities. Our dynamic Board of Advisors keeps us on track.

Advisory Board Members

Donald Coggan, Chairman

Donald Coggan, Chairman

Donald Coggan is the Founder of Ability Mission. His involvement in helping people with disabilities started in 1997, while building websites accessible to the disabled, as originally showcased on Accessible.org.

Over the years, that work transformed into directly assisting the disabled by helping them make their case in writing. To reflect the new reality, he changed the name of the website to Ability-Mission.org in October 2013.

In 2006, he began editing, polishing and publishing stories submitted by visitors. By 2015, over 2200 stories had been posted on Ability-Mission.org, with the editing and other services provided at no charge to the visitor.

Luc Cardinal, Advisor

Luc Cardinal, Advisor

Cofounder and President of Nüco Consultants, Luc Cardinal is a NeuroCoach and engaging Keynote Speaker for audiences keen to achieve more using The Higher Performance Zone™ a neuroscience model applied to business.

Of particular interest to Ability Mission, Luc uses a practical method to facilitate the use of human intelligence, and to energize all levels of an organization with healthy and efficient communications.

Tutored in creativity with Edward de Bono and leadership with Dr Stephen Covey, Luc brings a unique perspective to helping the disabled. His methods enable anyone, disabled or not, to tap into the unrealized potential locked up in the subconscious.

Roy Dalebozik, Advisor

Roy Dalebozik, Advisor

Roy Dalebozik is Founder and President of Dalebozik Consultants Inc., an engineering firm specializing in building failure forensics. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director of Facilities of McGill University.

Roy is known for his direct, but human, management style. This has spilled over into his personal life, with him providing direct help to people with disabilities and serving many worthwhile causes.

Beyond his exemplary professional and personal life of service, Roy understands first-hand the plight of the disabled. For 10 years, he's dealt with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, but sets a stellar example by not letting it hold him back.

Brian Therrien, Advisor

Brian Therrien, Advisor

Brian Therrien is Founder and President of The Disability Digest, an online service that provides a trusted, easy to use, free resource to help those on or in need of Disability get and/or maximize their disability benefits, while creating income opportunities for its members.

Brian has an enviable record of service to the disabled. Since 2006, The Digest has helped nearly 168,000 people in countless ways, including applying for and getting SSDI 10 months faster than average.

Apart from all the services that The Disability Digest offers, Brian goes above and beyond the call of duty to employ people with disabilities in his organization. Most of them have followed the Digest process and have direct experience to help others.

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