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Abused Osteoporosis Disabled Divorcee Seeks Housing Government Grant

by Sherry
(Dearborn, Michigan, USA)

I am a 60-year-old osteoporosis disabled woman. My husband filed for divorce after 34 years of marriage.

I was employed by one of the department stores. Last February, like many people, I lost my job.

Now my problem is that I have no job and it is hard for me to find one because of my physical condition.

I have osteoporosis and it is severe.

I have no health insurance and no place to live. I left the house because I have no money to pay for the mortgage, so he is staying in till it is sold. When? I don't know.

The unemployment payment that I was living on is almost over. I used my 401K money to pay my lawyer for the divorce case.

This is my story. I don't know. Is it fair after all these years find myself in the street? I was a housewife most of our marriage. I started to work just the last nine years.

I raised three kids. I never asked for anything more than to live in dignity. He abused me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I preferred to stay because of my kids and hoping that one day he would stop all of this.

But when he found that I have no more income, and that I was having health problems he kicked me out.

I know he has a lot of money but I have no proof where he put it. That's why I ended with nothing at this age. I have to ask for help from my kids or strangers.

This is my story. I don't know if there is help for me somewhere. If not, God is there. He won't forget anybody.

I wish that some day women won't suffer anymore from abusive husbands.

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May 10, 2012
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

There seems to be thousands of women going through the same thing... living or married to men who dispose of them when the money has run out or for some other reason. Either way it seems like we're not prepared.

I will be 59 this year and have lived with a man for 17 years. Since my unemployment has stopped and he has had to take care of the bills, it all seems to be too much for him.

So he no longer wants to be with me. My family, children no one will help and I will probably end up in a domestic violence shelter. He has a job, I do not. That is the only thing that keeps me from being able to take care of myself.

I am willing and able to work, I have applied for every job I thought I could do and hoped I could do. I have excellent skills, I've just been out of work for a long time.

I can't hate him, I actually feel nothing towards him. It's disturbing to see so many women going through the same thing.

I have vowed that as soon as I can get on my feet I'm making a documentary that's going to blow this whole hidden secret about older women, and even younger women who fall through the cracks and are fighting for their lives.

Stay strong and know that there are others going through the same thing. Wish there was a network of resources, advice and information to help women going through this.

Sep 08, 2011
Divorce pending
by: Anonymous

I am 60, married for 39 years, taking care of family and home life. Husband's business is commercial real estate which fluctuates. It has been on the down side, lately, but it could go back up at some point. He would like the divorce to go through quickly and agreeably. I'll have to wait to see what he is willing to settle with me for. We have one rental property. He has a drinking problem that he is in denial about, so doesn't feel as though he should get help. As a drinker, he also lies. He has yelled at me a couple of times, but nothing physical. This "gray divorce" is an epidemic, and is so very, very sad. If there's physical abuse, then a spouse should move on; but when a problem could be corrected to keep a family together, then that should be the course of action. I will have to seek employment in these difficult times which should prove interesting.

Dec 08, 2009
Is that my future?
by: Anonymous

I am 56 and headed towards a divorce. Reading your story made me wonder if I face the same future. I am currently a fulltime caregiver for my mom who has dementia; so, I have no paying job at the moment. Possible chronic illnesses have not quite manifested themselves, but have had several scares. I too stayed for the kids' sake. I don't regret it; they are wonderful kids, but I am definitely concerned about my future. My marriage is over and he has moved on already into another relationship. I'm just waiting for my youngest child's wedding in July to file for the divorce. Thank you for posting your story, I wish I had an answer for both you and me.

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