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Accessible Housing Grant Money To Help Charcot Disease Disabled Woman

by Rise Charniak
(Fruitland Park, FL, USA)

I am a 58-year-old female. I have an identical twin sister who lives in New Orleans, a brother who lives in Dallas, a brother who lives in Florida and another brother who lives in South Carolina.

I married May 23, 1981 and never had any children. My husband died November 2, 2000. A few years after my husband died, I moved from Massachusetts to Florida June 9, 2008 to live near my elderly parents.

I sold my home at a loss in Massachusetts and bought a beautiful new home in Florida for top dollar.

My husband had been in the insurance business for many years, so I took a couple of years off from work to unpack, settle in and help my parents with many projects that needed doing around their home.

It was about that time that I started to have health issues with my left foot.

Disability Issues

I started to develop large and numerous open ulcers on the bottom of my left foot. I was tested for diabetes many times, because my dad has that illness, but to date I am not diabetic.

However, I was diagnosed with neuropathy many years back that kept getting worse. I was also diagnosed with lymphedema.

I started to experience pain from edema, which at times was so terrible that it was hard to walk.

Also Charcot disease developed in my left foot first, then several years later, my right foot.

Here in Florida, after years of tests, different types of doctors, medications, hospital stays due to infections, my left large toe was amputated in 2010.

After two more years of the same, I had a below the knee amputation of my left leg September 28, 2012.

I was granted Disability, but was denied a widow's benefit until I am 66 years old.

Financial Hardship

I was running through my retirement fund rapidly due to my medical expenses. I exhausted those funds in 2011 to purchase a local neighborhood bar.

I hired friends and neighbors of mine in Florida, who had experience running a bar. We had a lot of problems starting up the bar, which lead to more financial drain.

My health took a turn for the worse again, so I relied on my friends to run the business.

When I was in the hospital having my leg amputated is when I found out that my so-called friends had stolen a lot of money from the bar, and had not paid taxes, liquor license and other important bills to keep the bar running.

My prescription medicines and doctor co-pays have cost me thousands of dollars, and that is ongoing. I buy my own health insurance, and that is a fortune, but I cannot go without.

Income Efforts

My business is currently shut down now by the state of FL/ABT because the license I thought was transferred from the prior owner to me never was.

I thought my friends handled it, but there was a large fee that had to be submitted, and it never was.

My family has been helping me with money, but that cannot go on forever. I am in the process of putting my home on the market, but will do a short sale due to hardship.

I am thinking of moving into my brother's house, and my brother will turn a shed into an apartment for himself.

He has two house lots. My brother's house is not handicap accessible.

I can live off my disability check at his house.

Specific Needs

I am seeking financial help from the Government to help me transform my brother's house into a handicap accessible home for me, and to transform my brother's shed into an apartment.

I would also like some financial help to pay some of my unpaid medical bills.

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