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Accident Disabled 27 Year Old Man Seeks Education Grant To Rebuild Life

by Dairon Mesa
(Miami, Florida, USA)

Me between my mom and sister.

Me between my mom and sister.

My name is Dairon Mesa. I am 27 year old male who had a tragic accident on December 27, 2004. I was 20 years old. I had everything going for me. I was young and my father and I had just started a plumbing business.

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It was a Saturday night almost 4:00 am when I was driving home on my motorcycle. I got to about 10 blocks away from my house, when a person in car completely did not see me and hit me.

Unfortunately I too did not see him leading, me to run right into the car, and leaving me no time to react. So I couldn't jump off or try to catapult with the bike's momentum launching me over the car.

I hit the car with my right shoulder and body. I ended up shattering both my femurs, which are the biggest bones in the human body. I also shattered my lower left leg, my right shoulder with right wrist, and left elbow when landing from the initial hit.

From my femur shattering, my legs started to form a clot. I also subsequently from the sudden stop of speed to almost feeling like I ran into a wall, I ruptured a vessel in my heart called the aorta.

I was picked up on Kendall Drive and 145th Avenue in the SW region of Kendall Miami. I was rushed to Jackson memorial hospital were I was literally brought back to life after going into cardiac arrest.

I was rushed into emergency surgery to stop the bleeding in my chest from the ruptured vessel. After a few hours in surgery I was placed into a medically induced coma so I wouldn't feel no pain.

It went like that for while until I was safe. From my heart surgery started, it took about 72 hours. I then went into surgeries for my arms and legs.

I wore external fixators on both my thighs and lower leg. For about a year I was unable to walk or bear any weight on my legs and arms. So I was at the mercy of my parents to clean myself and go to the bathroom, which put me into a downward spiraling depression.

I lost about 40 lbs from depression and being inactive and not eating. When the time came to take the fixators off my legs and my arms were better I started doing physical therapy.

I had to learn how to feed myself and walk and basically do everything for myself. I had to re teach my body to follow my mind.

I slowly got stronger and ultimately got the strength back into my right leg because due to the many shattering bones in my legs my nerves in my legs ultimately were the sufferers. They got damaged leaving me with a gimp left leg and an almost gimp right leg.

I have to walk with AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses) which help me keep my leg straight. I can't control my left ankle. So I can't move my toes and barely feel them. My right ankle I can move down so I have more feeling in it.

I can walk but only relatively short distances, nothing far. What did save me and gave me the strength was God and my family. They have always been there for me, giving the best support anyone could ever ask for.

So from the aftermath of this accident I was ultimately left disabled at 21 years old left with the only option to recuperate. Now I am 27 and have no idea what I want to do with my life.

I know I want to do something that will help my family. But I can't work, I can't do any labor intensive work.

I'm left with going back to school getting a degree in business and then plan and think about what business I can jump into or start with help.

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Apr 25, 2011
Hey there!
by: Anonymous

Hope everything works out for you. You have always been in my thoughts and prayers! Love - A

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