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Accident Disabled 28 Year Old Father Seeks Government Housing Grant Money

by Phillip Pemberton
(Kansas City, Kansas, USA)

I am a 28-year-old male living with my girlfriend and mother of 2 kids.

We are living in government housing and living off of government assistance while I am waiting on my disability to come in.

The area I live in is mostly black and they tell us we don't belong here. They have no respect for us.

Every night we hear gunshots and the other day I saw people shooting at each other right in front of my apartment. I fear for my family and my lives.

The car we are driving is about at the end of its life. My father was the one helping us get by but he just passed away a couple months ago.

If my car breaks down I don't know how I will make it to my appointments.

I was in a car wreck in 2002 and the doctors told me I would be on disability the rest of my life.

I have nerve damage in my neck and it just keeps getting worse and worse all the time.

My doctor has me on strong painkillers just so I can get by everyday living. I have just been diagnosed with severe depression.

I wake up in the middle of the night and can't breathe because of the mold in my apartment.

I am waiting on my disability payments. I hired a lawyer and we are going to be going to court (hopefully soon).

I am unable to work due to my disability so we are living off of government aid and in government housing. We receive $400 in cash and $600 in food stamps a month for government assistance.

After we pay bills we are left with close to nothing. My father was helping us get by but he has passed away here recently.

I have doctors' appointments and medication I take every month. But, I am very thankful for Medicaid, which pays all my doctors and medication, needs.

I am in the process of applying for disability and have been waiting close to 2 years now. I am hoping to go plead my case in front of the judge soon.

We have asked churches for help and they have a little bit with food and clothing. I have applied for assistance so that my girlfriend will help to take care of me.

But, what we really need is a new place to live where I can let the kids play outside without having to worry about getting cussed out.

I would like to get a grant for the first time homebuyer. I would like advice on getting the grant and other grants I am eligible for while being disabled.

Hopefully I can find a house that I can afford to get into and have the money to pay bills and take care of my family.

Are there any grants or assistance I can get to help me during the day? I have doctors notes stating that I need help around the house 4 hours a day cooking and cleaning and with household chores.

The doctors tell me that they don't even want me watching the kids by myself anymore.

I wish I had the money to move into a house with a yard in a better neighborhood so the kids can go outside and play (I love to cook on a grill outside).

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