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Accident Disabled 33 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money For Debt Relief

by LeVar Jerman
(Buford Hall County, Georgia, USA)

A criminal in a stolen car mowed me down in my prime when I was riding my bicycle home from one of the jobs I used to work in august of 2008.

Now I'm a 33-year-old disabled young man with bruised bones and torn ligaments in both shoulders.

I also had two knee operations and 6 herniated discs, 3 in my neck and 3 in my back from my accident.

Now I have bills due, credit card debt, traffic tickets that caused me to lose my license because I can't pay the fines, and overdraft fees to banks.

Having all this debt is destroying my life. I have no way to get caught up with my debt because I'm fully disabled for the rest of my life.

I made a drastic recovery from my accident but was not a full recovery. This is not good for a manual laborer that worked the past 8 years off the books.

That tragic accident almost left me dead and took my working life away from me so now that leaves me looking for debt relief to help me.

I'm looking for a federal government grant to help me get my debt and life back on track.

The federal government grant program can also help me open a small business to keep my life on track.

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