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Accident Disabled And Wrongfully Fired Kent Seeks Relief Grant Money

by Kent
(Bellingham, WA, USA)

My name is Kent. I am 50 years old and married to Billie Jean. I have two children from a previous marriage: a 28-year-old son and a 26-year-old daughter.

Our 26-year-old daughter is in Federal Prison due to a drug charge. My wife and I have been raising her son who is six now and we have had him since he was four.

The judge that saw our custody case said that if we had not stepped in, the boy would not be alive today. He has struggled with night terrors and being abused but seems to be getting better every day.

My wife has two children from a previous marriage. Her 21-year-old son, Patrick who is mentally ill, has threatened to kill my wife, his mother. He recently did the same thing to me in very graphic detail.

Patrick was a suspect in the deaths of my wife's 24-year-old sister and one-year-old baby nephew. He admitted to listening to them get beat but did nothing and by Washington state law that is not a crime.

The police asked for our help and my wife's knowledge of his violent past. Since this time I have developed extreme anxiety and stress disorder, to the point of not being able to think or function.

This is from a former security manager and supervisor of ADT training.

I was in a car accident three years ago and have had two serious and severe neck surgeries and continue to have daily pain.

I have developed serious anxiety and panic attacks daily, brought on by many things, and cannot work as my doctor has stated and have had to seek mental health counseling due to this with daily medicine.

I sold security systems for 13 years for ADT and prior to this owned two sports businesses for 10 years.

I have worked for ADT the past seven Years at Kevin Gaylord Security.

Never having had any serious health issues, I was a volunteer coach for the boys and girls clubs for 10 years coaching basketball and baseball. I was on their board of directors for four years and also myself played basketball for years in a men's league.

Since the murders, our lives being threatened and our daughter getting arrested and jailed, I contacted my employer Kevin Gaylord of Gaylord Security and explained that I needed time off.

He said that I could take as long as I need and that this fell under FMLA leave. I contacted my employer after nine months and told him I was ready to come back to work. He said he would call me back the next day.

I asked him about some money due and he never contacted me. After three weeks of leaving messages I finally got him at his office at which time he started yelling at me and called me a stupid and no good Mexican.

I felt racially discriminated against. I told him this was no way to talk to anyone, and again asked where my money was and why he stole my accounts equaling over $10,000.

He stated, "If you don't like it, sue me."

With me being the main breadwinner, we have suffered many difficulties due to this situation.

I owed $9000 on a $40,000 SUV we lost. This has left us with my wife's 1998 Olds, which barely runs and will probably die any day. I am scared because she drives it to get our grandson from school and we have nothing else.

After seven years of working for this man he did this and we became homeless for a couple weeks but we took our grandson to my son's house. He has three kids so it was good for all of them.

My wife and I slept in her car and then at my son's house for a while. My mother gave us money to get an apartment, which we are very thankful for.

I tried to talk to my boss Kevin Gaylord in letters and he again insulted me. I was upset and sent 10 letters to officers of ADT.

I received two responses: the first that they would intervene and the next from their legal department stating they hold no responsibility of their dealer's actions.

Again I took this as another letdown because this company makes a lot of sales and Kevin Gaylord lives in an $875,000 home. I'm the little guy here.

Due to the stress and worsening of anxiety attacks and my doctor stating I could not work and to seek counseling and putting me on meds, I have tried to contact a lawyer.

So far I have talked to or emailed 25 attorneys but they all want $2,500 to $10,000 up front to start this case. They all say I have a good case but only with money, which we do not have.

I was wrongfully terminated and racially abused and cannot get any help.

I have talked to people at the local SSI office but they said we weren't eligible because my wife has a 401K plan from working part-time for 10 years, she has a job and we are married.

The only way she can touch any of that money is for us to get divorced and for her to quit her job. But that job of hers is what's keeping us going today.

I cannot get SSI, food stamps, welfare or any help. I am seeking any help possible, as this is a nightmare I wish on nobody.

We are seeking financial help to keep our apartment at $839 a month and money for food and help with a car if possible or any help anyway.

I am an ordained minister and tried recently in practice to do a wedding but could not do it and ended up in another trip to the hospital due to a panic attack.

Our church has no funds for the rest of the year. I have sought help from the opportunity council and CPS, but so far we have gotten nowhere and am about ready to just give up as it seems no one will help a husband wife and six year old.

How can it happen in America, the greatest country in the world? I recently heard about a woman receiving nine welfare checks and a man in Michigan who won a $2 million dollar lotto and still receives food stamps.

Please, I am seeking help in any form as we have suffered great loss in the murders of my sister-in-law and baby nephew and loss of job and stolen and wrecked career.

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Jul 17, 2012
In the same boat...
by: Bob

Kent, this just happened to me... I was a Resident Manager at an affordable housing building. When I started, the building was in financial distress, a year behind in paperwork, and had serious crime and drug issues.

In less than a year I turned that building around, making it into a gorgeous community that doesn't look or feel like affordable housing.

Add to that... extending my hand as a neighbor assisting residents with resumes, job hunt, paperwork, vouchers, food, and more.

I did it to a 2nd building as well. This one was worse and I turned it around.

The rub is that my boss was a bully who just didn't like me, and since she couldn't get me on performance, she fired me for saying something (I know not what), that offended someone (I know not who).

I had seven days to move and they held my final check for 10 days. I am homeless, 50, have a heart arrhythmia and skin cancer.

I have never even been written up before, much less fired.

Forty-four of my 62 residents fired off angry letters. The transitional manager calls me for assistance and I have helped.

No unemployment or COBRA yet and I feel lost.

Hang in there sir. I believe there are good people out there that won't stand for this. We work hard, do good work, and our reward is a kick in the ass.

Take care and thanks for letting me vent... now back to my bridge.

Apr 28, 2012
Disabled and wrongfully fired man from gaylord security
by: Michelle

I have worked at this company. I have worked with Kent and know him mostly as a co-worker. This man has more integrity and honesty as a person and salesmen than I have ever seen. He always did things the right way and went beyond what he needed to for customers and co-workers. I left this company almost two years ago for many reasons. I heard that this was on here and felt I needed to comment. The security business is matched with a lot of that used car salesman type but once in awhile you see honest people. I believe it speaks very loud of Kent that he has only worked for two companies in 13 years, when most sales people in this business change on the average every 18 months. His first employer was the top in the area but retired and Kent went to work at Gaylord's. I feel bad this has happened to him as he and his wife are raising a relative's child and he has been thru a lot with his accident stuff and never received even a get well card from his company, which he made a ton of money for. I have never seen a salesmen work as hard as Kent and yet be so mistreated by Gaylord Security. I still talk once in a while to the people at Gaylord's but I for sure know why I left. Kent has become an ordained minister and is helping people for free in situations like his due to his knowledge of the EEOC, labor laws and others. I have talked to him a couple of times and helped him gather some info to help his case but as stated before I worked at this company also for about three years but since have left. I know for a fact as I and other office workers tried to get Kent into a sales manager job with Gaylord as he had been a regional manager for his previous company and they were number one on the west coast for years. I and several others never thought he was used right to benefit the company and himself. There are many of us out there that also believe he got taken as he lost a lot of money as his accounts and other were taken from the company and after seven years thats a lot of lost money. This man is a good person and did not deserve this treatment but he always has a smile and has told me karma, karma, karma always wins in the end. Good luck Kent and the office girls at Gaylord's.

Dec 08, 2011
Move on...
by: ME

There is always another side of the story. In my experience when a rep quits or is fired it is normally due to low or no production but the "rep" always wants to try and blame the employer, usually using the almighty race card. I work for this company. I can say that Kevin is probably the most straight up honest individual I have ever worked for, especially in the security business where honesty seems to be scarce. So my suggestion is this - move on and spend your time trying to improve yourself. Blaming the succesful for your lack of success makes zero sense. I think it's great he can drive nice cars and live in a nice house. For me it is something to strive for, not look down on.

Jul 02, 2011
I know of this evil employer...
by: Anonymous

I live in Las Vegas and have heard about this company Gaylord and the owner for a couple years. I have had 2 friends work with this company and both of them ended badly with the employer taking money he was not due.

It stinks that in America today an employer can do this and cause these kinds of problems for people and mess up their lives. In the free enterprise system money can be made the correct way without having to screw people over. I have had my own problems (broken back doing construction labor work) but my employer has been good to me.

You should get an award. The judge is right. You are like heroes that should be honored. Greed, Greed, Greed. It's amazing what it does but don't forget about karma. He will get his.

I hope you are going after him legally. My 2 friends in Vegas have small claims against this company at the moment. I see the ads all the time in the paper, which probably isn't good. It means that they go thru a lot of people. I wish you the best of luck and take care of yourselves and get your money. JL

Jun 08, 2011
I wish I could help you!
by: Anonymous

I have read your post and others and had to leave some words. I'm sorry my brother. I wish I was in a position to help you and your family. It is very sad what owners of companies have done today to people and they seem like these kinda things continue to happen. Talk about kicking you when you are down. Man you have been through it all. Hang tough brother the good days will come again and sorry about your losses, and I hope that Gaylord guy meets his karma. This person has no passion for anyone but himself. You and your wife are heroes to me to take that little boy and save him and make sure he makes it. Good luck my brother and sister!

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