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Accident Disabled Coast Guard Veteran Seeks Helps Getting Benefits

by Bradley
(Bonham, Texas, USA)

I am a 42-year-old male and married to a wonderful women Rachel. We have two sons Jaxon 4 and Jasiah 2.

We just moved to Bonham Texas because it is a smaller town and it offers a better opportunity for the vocational rehab program I am enrolled in to farther advance my education.

I have applied for a home loan as well, as most people know renting is just throwing money out the window. It is for me anyhow.

I would love the opportunity to own a place my family and I could really call home.

Disability Issues

While I was on active duty in the United States Coast Guard I was involved in a nasty accident that resulted in two people dying and three more people injured for the rest of their lives.

After this accident I was in emergency exploratory surgery for thirteen hours. I suffered laceration of the spleen, laceration of the liver, collapse of both lungs, dislocation of my left knee and a broken left ankle, which has pins in it now.

My left-side ribs were mostly broken, the L4 disc in my spine is completely smashed and for over 20 years it has been a real struggle just to get through each day.

My family doesn't deserve to have this happen to them and we all deserve some help to better our lives.

Financial Hardship

Due to not being able to work consistently it has been difficult to acquire any substantial amount of financial stability.

Recently I found myself in a situation to where I had to acquire a title loan on my vehicle to help pay bills.

Subsequently I ended up not being able to pay the loan back so therefore I lost our only mode of transportation.

Luckily we live in a small town so acquiring provisions such as groceries is not too much of a hassle as we can walk to most places; however, we still need a vehicle.

Income Efforts

Fortunately I have gotten into the Chapter 31 program so I can receive an education and work for the Veterans Administration to help my fellow Veterans and their families.

That does not however help my family and me right now because there is currently no money coming in.

I am sick and tired of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, borrowing money from family members who don't have it just to pay this month's electric bill or whatever the case may be or asking for a loan that I have no means to pay back so therefore I cannot even receive a loan.

My family and I are surviving purely by the grace of God and for that I am extremely grateful.

Specific Needs

I am currently receiving 20% compensation for my ankle. However I have a lot more injuries than that which I intend to apply for further compensation.

As God as my witness I will persevere, and be grateful for whatever he decides I deserve. I will continue to strive for what my family and I deserve.

Business Idea

The program I am enrolled in offers a business loan for disabled Veterans.

I have an idea and dream to purchase some land with pecan trees and have a pecan orchard.

I think this is a wonderful idea for me. My wife and children and I would all learn how to survive and live off of the land.

It is a long-time dream of mine to own some land and learn how to be self-sufficient. Having land and teaching my children how to survive on their own without too much assistance from today's society I feel is forever beneficial to our well-being.

Also I would have something to pass down to further generations to help them to thrive in what I call God's world.

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Nov 21, 2012
There Might Be More
by: Claudy

Benefits.gov is the best Web site for finding out what benefits you may qualify for receiving. It seems no one agency knows about another or exactly what your whole picture looks like! Well benefits.gov does just that. Go online to their Web site and take the survey. Simple statistical questions.

A computer generated list of all state and federal agencies with addresses and contact information will be made. These are the agencies that provide benefits you may qualify for. It is a great resource. I am sure you are due benefits you aren't aware of.

Now as far as a pecan orchard is concerned, I'm not sure about that! But you will find information that will help. That I am sure. If you have any trouble with benefits.gov ask someone to help you. But it should be fairly simple for you.

I thank you for your service and hope for good luck to you real soon.

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