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Accident Disabled Construction Worker Seeks Government Retraining Grant

by Stan Huddleston
(Jamul, California, USA)

I'm 48 years old and have worked in construction all my life. Now I have several disabilities.

I'm looking for a government grant to retrain myself for a new career and be able to pay off my debts.

I have had two knee surgeries in the last two years. In that time I have only worked 2-1/2 months.

I am currently waiting for a complete replacement of my right knee. I also have a 3mm x 7mm x 7mm herniated disc between the C6 and C7 vertebrae from a car accident in the early 90s.

I was on the job at the time and my employer did not have workman's comp insurance. That injury is now starting to cause me lots of problems.

Besides these disabilities I also have had surgery on my right shoulder and I need it on my left.

Because of my disability causing me pain, I am now fighting an addiction to pain medication and have completed a drug and alcohol treatment program.

At the time that my knee started to bother me, I had about $35,000 worth of bills, which I've not been able to pay because I haven't been working and only getting very little money from disability insurance.

I am also having a hard time paying my medical insurance. I have not been able to pay for medications for my high blood pressure, my medication for severe depression, my cholesterol and my Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) exposure.

Now I'm about to lose my car.

I need some kind of grant that will help me pay my bills off, save my car and help me get retrained for a new job.

When I do have my knee replaced my doctor has already told me I will no longer be able to do the job I have done all my life.

I have also suffered from drug and alcohol addiction my whole life and now that I have been clean for the last eight months I want to do something to have a better life.

I would like to go back to school and become a chef.

I never graduated from high school so my disability from my addiction has really kept a damper on what I could have done with my life.

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