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Accident Disabled Couple Want Disability Grant For Home And Garden

by Marilyn Countryman
(Rock Creek, OH, USA)

I am a 49-year-old woman and I've been married to my 54-year-old husband for 30 years.

We have two grown children and have never had a home of our own. We've either taken care of my mother-in-law's home or his brother's, which is where we live now.

He owns the house and won't fix anything, so we pay for everything. We are expected to do it all.

We have two companion dogs that we love dearly and would never part with.

Disability Issues

My husband first became disabled when he slipped on a wet tiled floor and messed up his back. He was going to a chiropractor but that helped only for a while.

His real issues came when a tree fell on him nine years ago. It crushed him, rendering him unable to work. Overall, he has hip, back and heart problems.

I have back issues from when I was abused as a child. Also, I injured my hand in a machine that did not have the proper guards on it.

As a result my hand goes numb and I have to wear a brace so finding work is hard. I am registered with temp agencies but am hard to place

Financial Hardship

My husband gets Disability, but because of his poor credit we can't get a loan.

He only gets $1000 a month and we are paying directly for everything where we are.

I have excellent credit, but because I have no income I can't get a loan.

Income Efforts

I have tried for over a year to find a job. My husband does collect Disability, but because of his poor credit, he cannot get a loan.

I have excellent credit but no income.

I have been looking for work, but my hand and back issues make it hard for me to find a job.

Specific Needs

We just want a grant or some kind of help to get a one-story home of our own for us and our dogs.

If the home had a little garden, I'd be able to can and freeze fruits and vegetables, something I like to do.

Any help at all would be appreciated.

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Nov 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your help. I will look into these programs. God Bless

Nov 03, 2013
On the Rocks
by: Ken

Hi Marilyn,

Sorry to hear of your predicament. It just seems to be growing everywhere you look. For housing you may want to try looking here:


This is another site that may be of some help too:


Sorry to say, but there is no "fixit" button available. All you can do is research, as no government agency will hand you information on a platter. With those addresses I have given you, if neither one of them can answer your questions or can fulfill your needs, they may be able to steer you in the right direction.


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