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Accident Disabled Divorcee Needs Grant Help For Book On Free Medications

by Sherry
(Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA)

I'm a 59-year-old accident disabled divorcee looking for a grant for a book I want to publish.

I have three grown children and three grandchildren. My mother and one brother are still living. They're in Florida.

I was in a bad car wreck when I was 39 years old. It left me with serious neck and back injuries. I have had to have my neck fused, as well as my lower back.

My neck got worse over the years. I was having trouble using my arms. I have since had another neck surgery. I live in constant pain with my back and legs.

I am a Christian lady who has faith in my God. He gets me through each and every day of my life.

The accident has left me with financial difficulties. I have to live in a low-income house that is very cold sometimes. I have a lot of medical bills against me on my credit bureau due to the wreck.

I do receive Social Security disability, but I find it very hard to survive on. I no longer go to my doctor because I can't afford to pay him what it costs after Medicare pays.

The electric bills, water bill, phone bill, car, gas, doctor bills and prescriptions cost more than I make.

I did try several times to work. I found out real quick my body and mind could not withstand the pain. At home, I can lie down when I need to.

I did try several work-from-home sites on the computer. They were all scams.

Over time I was able to write a book that I named "The Little Book of Hope."

The book is targeted at low-income people who cannot afford their medication. All low-income people can receive their prescriptions free and the book helps people do it.

My book lists all medications and the name of the programs in it. You will not have to look all over the computer for assistance. Everything that you will need is listed in my book.

I do hope to market it one day. Who knows? Maybe someone will lend me the marketing money for a percentage of the profits.

I am looking for benefits, grants or an investor. I am willing to give any investors a percentage of the profits from my book. I would love to market my book on the computer or television.

My dreams are to be able to afford a nice house to live in and be able to go back to my doctors as needed. I also would love to have a massage chair for my back.

Now, a little bit about the business end of my book…

The full name is "A Little Book of Hope. Sources of free medications for Medicare recipients, disabled persons and individuals on low income."

The book contains an index list of all prescription medications that low-income people can get for free.

Projected sales are $200,000 minimum. The cost to make a book is $3.

I plan on marketing it through info commercials and the computer. I am not sure what the marketing cost is.

I will package it from home in small quantities. If I sell thousands of books, I will use a fulfillment house to package it for me.

I do believe there are a lot of people who need this information. They will be willing to pay a fair price.

All I need is a grant or any kind of assistance to help me publish my book.

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Nov 03, 2011
Help with publication
by: Don from Accessible.org

Hi Sherry,

Please contact me via the Contact Us page.

Your book would be of immense help to almost all visitors to Accessible.org, so we would like to assist you in some way.


Don Coggan

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