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Accident Disabled Family Seeks Government Grant For Therapy Pool And Debt Relief

by Priscilla Baker
(Vero Beach, Florida, USA)

My 40-year-old husband was in an accident when he was 17. After waking up one day a year later and finding himself paralyzed, he had back surgery and was able to return to work.

Years later he awoke again to being paralyzed. He had another back operation within a year of our marriage in 1994.

He has pretty much been the guinea pig of all treatments...

He has had two back surgeries, one spinal fusion, one total right hip replacement, insertion and removal of infusion pump, and insertion and removal of a spinal cord stimulator.

He now has bone spurs in his neck and multiple herniated disks in his neck and back.

He also has been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS. We do have three minor children, ages 5, 10, and 14, and the other three children are adults.

I am a medical transcriptionist and the main income for this family. I do work from home, which enables me to take my husband to his doctor's appointments and to manage his care.

This also enables me to take care of my children, as he is unable to do so. I am unable to work out of the home due to this situation. I do not get paid hourly, I get paid by the lines I transcribe or edit.

My work has tremendously decreased and we have had to go on food stamps and Medicaid. My work has suffered greatly due to his debilitating health.

At one time I was a supervisor, but I have been unable to obtain that status due to low work and care of his health.

We have moved back to Florida to be near his mother who has leukemia and in poor health.

Doctors have determined that his best form of therapy is a swimming pool, but he needs it several times a day and pool therapy at a rehab is not sufficient for what he needs.

He needs access at all times and it needs to be at least 95 degrees due to his RSD/CRPS. His condition keeps worsening and he needs the therapy.

It affects us all mentally and physically, not to mention financially. His deterioration is causing him to give up and let his disability overcome him.

I would like to see him with a smile on his face to be able to get around in the pool and regain a smile on his face and know that he has a purpose in life and not to give up.

He is a wonderful person, loving and very caring. He never hesitates to help those in need, even if it meant giving the shirt off his back.

We have been married 15-1/2 years and most of our marriage he has been disabled. He is the light of my life.

I have been trying to seek help getting a pool, heated if possible, and hot tub put in at our home.

I am presently seeking financial help with our bills, utilities, medical, etc., until I obtain more work and/or a better job status.

I have exhausted all our savings.

I do have an education and I'm trying to work my way back up to management within my own company and/or elsewhere.

This is the first time that we have had to seek government help; I desperately want to get us back on our feet.

I feel I have let him and my family down. I have so much that I could say and stories I could tell… I guess I should write a book. I love my husband and our family. I just want to help him in any way I can.

Not a lot of people understand RSD/CRPS. It has many, many symptoms and takes a toll on a person's life. I try to educate our children so they understand, but it is really hard to see their Dad go from having the will to accomplish one thing a day to just trying to make it through the day.

Thank you for your time and reading... ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thank you again and God Bless! Priscilla Baker, Vero Beach, Florida.

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