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Accident Disabled Father Of 10 Seeks Grant Money For School And Home

by Walter M. Rhodes, Jr.
(Stratford, OK, USA)

My name is Walter M. Rhodes, Jr. I am 53 this October 25, 2012. I am married to a lovely lady named Bree.

I have ten children that I claim as mine: Casey, Chris, Emanuel, Sheena, Patience, Demerita, Jarnel, Jeremy, Walter III and Samantha.

I raised all these children as mine, but Patience, Demerita and Walter the III are my biological children.

All of my brothers and my father were in the military, but I went to college.

We were always around Fort Sill, Oklahoma where my father and mother work.

Disability Issues

I have a very bad back injury, which caused me to be disabled. I was working through a temp service for TDK in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

I worked in the powder house. My job title was kneader man. I was responsible for six machines which had ovens to cook and mix the magnet material into six tubs.

I had to date and label the tubs and then forklift them to storage bins. In August 2010 we were having this big inspection of the plant so not only did I have to run the six machines I also had to clean.

In the process of cleaning I had to get down on the floor of the powder house. While cleaning under one of the tanks, when I got up my back popped and that is when my accident happened.

I told my supervisor that I hurt my back but I thought it was going away but it did not. I still finished my shift.

That night I was rushed to the emergency room by my wife. I have lower lumbar damage, a bulging disk, sciatic nerve pinch and a deteriorating spine.

I filed a workers compensation claim later after I could not work any more because of my back injury, but I did not have the proper paperwork to fight it so I settled for $2500.

After losing my worker compensation fight, I applied for Social Security Disability benefits and was granted $786 a month, which pays the rent and lets everything else go to pot. We are not able to make our payment for rent this month.

My status at this point is I received SSA because I have been deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration.

Financial Hardship

We lost a house we were to buy because the money I get from SSA was not enough to keep up with everything.

We borrowed money from loan companies. That created a deeper hole that we are still trying to get out of.

There is no work for me in the field I was in: construction and factory work.

I lost two nice cars to repossession because I could not pay for them. Now we have neither car nor truck.

My medication is cover by Sooner-care-of-Oklahoma. My financial hardship is we are just about to be kicked out of our home that we would like to purchase and remodel.

We don't have any vehicle and we cannot pay all of our rent and bills.

I do still have a five-year-old and a 12-year-old at home.

Earning Efforts

I have tried to do some odd jobs but my back hurts so bad that if I start a job I cannot finish it so most of the time I lose the job.

I do get SSA or SSI. I am confused when it comes down to that.

I have tried to do some surveys online but none of them has paid me a penny so I have stopped taking them for free.

We have worn out the churches in this area out and now they will only help us once a year and we need help ever month.

My wife Bree is working now for about a month taking care of people who are disabled. Isn't that ironic?

We have not received any donations, such as a car, truck, money or any deed of mercy from anyone.

We had to resort to a handout for our children's school. How embarrassing!

Specific Needs

I need a grant to go back to school so I can become independent again.

We also need a grant to buy this house we are living in and to do the remodeling by employing the people in our community to do the work.

We also need a grant for one or more vehicles.

Business Ideas

Being in the Bible belt, I would love to open a preacher, pastor, choir and school robes store and service all the churches in this area and service the schools by opening a factory in this area to employ the people in our community and make a reasonable profit.

We would buy all of our materials stateside, made in the USA. And since I live in America. I would employ Americas.

We will need two vans to deliver the robes that have been ordered and made. We will need one company car to go to conventions, churches, schools, etc. for measuring of robes and advertising.

We will need a grant for business trips to all of these places to advertise.

May God bless you all and keep you all.
Thank you very much in advance.
Walter M. Rhodes Jr.

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Oct 14, 2012
Will some who is able please help and God will bless you, I know he will
by: Walter I am the father of

I want to say thanks to ability-mission.org the whole world can hear or read my story and maybe help me and if you need help they will be able to help you. Walter Rhodes the father of 10.

Thank God for ability-mission.org

You all are doing a great ministry to help people
May God bless and keep you
Walter Rhodes Jr

Oct 09, 2012
If you have more, more is required of you...
by: Anonymous

How can you help this family in their time of need? Give to the family, send them encouraging words and direct them to grant sources.

All I can do for them is pray, but for you who have more, more is required. If you read my comment, I will pray that you who are able to do so will help. I have faith that this man is on the right track. He wants to go to school, and he wants a house and a business to take care of his family.

Walter for the life of me I cannot even imagine raising 10 kids. My hat is off to you. I am sorry you did not win your compensation case but I see you did not give up. You applied for your SSI and got it.

Whatever you do, don't you ever give up, because help is on the way. Here is a prayer for you and your family. God will you touch somebody's heart who is able and has more to help this family in need and bless them for doing it. And lord give this family help with their need to pay their rent this month. God we know you will. In Jesus' Holy Name we pray Amen.

You will not only be helping him but you will also help the community in which he lives by helping him employ people to do the work on his home and working for him at the new robes store.

If you have more, then more is required of this family. They cannot even pay their rent, trying to pay off loans that just made them get into more debt.

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