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Accident Disabled Father Seeks Disability Grant For Car And Daily Needs

by Stephen
(Cape Coral, FL, USA)

My name is Steve. I am currently 44 years old. I have been married for 12 years. I have three kids.

Disability Issues

I have been disabled for the last six months. It is terrible. I was hit by a car in June, and tore ligaments and tendons in the right knee.

I have provided for my wife and three stepchildren for the last 12 years. Now I can't provide for anyone.

I have worked in several fields over the years. I have always been willing to do what it takes. I have not been able to walk for the last six months.

Financial Hardship

I have not been able to work for the last six months. The only assistance I get now is for food stamps. They help, but not with the rent, electric and other bills I have.

My medical bills are five digits, and now with no insurance, my credit is destroyed.

Income Efforts

I have applied for SSI ("it may take up to six months") and state assistance ("apply with the government first").

I am used to doing manual labor, but since I can't stand, all my years of experience mean nothing.

Specific Needs

Plain and simple, I seek cash, a car, help with medical bills, clothing and heating assistance. I will take anything I can get.

Six months ago, I was not seeking sympathy, but after the last few months, I realize that this is a very difficult journey.

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Dec 18, 2012
Hit by a car, denied SSI.
by: Ken

Hi Steve,

What ever happened to you? The car that hit you, was it your fault? Completely? Did you contact a lawyer? There are some things that you must have not wanted to say in your statement. I can only see what help is available to you if you can clarify what happened. As far as SSI goes, there are many resources that can be reached. If possible can you elaborate on the situation of being hit by a car? The more you can reveal the better I would be able to understand your predicament.


Dec 18, 2012
There's A Lot Of Help
by: Claudy

I live in Tampa and do have some information that will help because I am a Florida resident.

First for utilities there is LIHEAP which I think is Federally funded but implemented by local agencies. I think they have three or so programs and will pay your electric once a year and maybe other benefits, but I'm not sure. Call your electric provider and ask if they have contact information. If they don't, call the Salvation Army for contact. In Tampa it is provided by the County Social Services. If you just type in LIHEAP and do a Google search and add your County I'm sure you will get the phone information. Here in Tampa they will come to your home if you are disabled a can't physically make it to a meeting.

Second, six months for SSI is very hopeful. It took me three years and I don't know anyone who ever got it before two years. They say 60% are turned down when they first apply and it's about that for the second appeal. But I don't believe that is true in Florida. Most attorneys won't take you until at least one denial and prefer two denials. Just so you know realistically how long it actually takes. You will probably get it and most people that can hold on ultimately get disability. You will be paid from the first day of your accident not filing date. It adds up substantially. Be prepared for a nightmare that hopefully ends eventually. That is exactly what the process is -- a nightmare!

Thirdly, there is a state agency called Vocational Rehabilitation or Voc Rehab for short. It is in the State listings of your phone book or online. If you can no longer do the type of work you have always done because of a disability, Voc Rehab will provide all kinds of services to get you trained in a field appropriate for your disability. That may include a college education, technical school or specialized training. They then help you find really good jobs that you can maybe do, plus a lot of other benefits as needed. The best thing is you can get help now! Check it out.

Finally, go to benefits.gov for a list of all government programs you may qualify for. You will take a simple and then get a computer-generated list with all agencies specific to you. It is complete with addresses and contact information. They now have a video to explain it all to you. You will be amazed at how much there is out there for people like you. It is a great resource. You won't be disappointed.

Hopefully you'll take all this advice and a new day will be coming. Great luck to you.

Take care.

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