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Accident Disabled Father Seeks Disability Grant For Tuition And Books

by Andres
(Commerce City, Colorado, USA)

My name is Andy Munoz. I'm 35 years old. I have a beautiful wife Melanie and three wonderful kids: one son 11 years old and two daughters nine and eight years old.

My family is always at my side for all of my ups and downs. We live in Colorado in a suburb close to Denver. We have strong roots here, as we are all native to our home state and our rocky mountains.

Disability Issues

I have four discs that are just compressed and pinching some of my nerves going to my legs. I have herniated disks (L5, L4, L3, L2, L1).

I was hurt trying to support my family working in the oil fields drilling for natural gas. After my injury it took me two days to drive home because of all the pain.

After all the physical therapy and countless doctor visits I was handed off to pain meds. For the last seven years I have been on all the heavy narcotics.

My large intestine has stopped working and I am now once again in the hospital for emergency visits two to three times per month.

I now have diabetes and my legs are starting to give way. I have early signs of esophageal problems that the doctors are watching to make sure we stay clear of cancer.

Depression and not being able to support my family have really added an extreme amount of stress to the agonizing pain.

Most of the time I now live by faith and have asked the Lord to give me a second chance and I would prove to be worthy of this gift called life.

Financial Hardship

Some months I find it hard to come up with co-pays or money to even get my prescriptions paid.

We lost our home and moved in with my 66-year-old mother who has been a godsend to us.

My vehicle has hardly any brakes. Maintenance issues worry me about having the kids in an unsafe car.

Some of the meds I take are now over the counter and the insurance doesn't cover them.

Groceries are always short at the last week and a half of the month.

We as a family don't have any luxuries: no cell phones and no cable. We buy almost everything secondhand.

The most discouraging thing is that for our family of five and one senior citizen, the food stamp office only gives a couple hundred dollars. Neighbors with less family get almost $1000 or more per month and some of them aren't even legal citizens.

I never have enough fuel to get to my doctor appointments, because we save the little bit of fuel to get the kids to and from school.

My kids don't go to any theme parks or movies. They don't have any good shoes half of the time. But we still hold strong because we live by the good Lord's way and I know if we get help we will see brighter days.

Income Efforts

After fighting for over seven years I was awarded Colorado SSI disability. I get $946 for my family and me.

We sometimes get chosen for the commodity raffles or we wait till the church gives out turkeys. We go to a humble church that does not have a lot of resources.

This will be my first time applying for grants.

If not for my mother we would probably be homeless by now. We help with rent just so we can all pull together to keep our home here.

My mother is 66 and retired from working now. She is in need of a new hip to replace her bad one, which caused her to fall and break her foot.

I tried numerous times to find work that would be okay for me, but only got laid off because of my disabilities. I can't walk too long, stand too long or lie down too long because of the pain.

We don't have much family and with all my injuries and handicaps I'd rather not have to ask many friends either.

Specific Needs

Now I've come to the realization that my kids need to see me rise from the dead and do something with our lives.

I need to find some help to go back to school to study to become an X-ray technician. This takes about two years and I know I have the intelligence to succeed.

My whole ambitions are my three babies and my wife and mother. I am the only man of the family. My father left us holding the bag with mortgage and all.

I must succeed and conquer life because it was not given or lent to us just to exist.

I have had a contractor's license and a tavern in downtown Denver and succeeded in both. I am positive I will make it in a safe new productive career.

I just need help with tuition and books and when I'm done I will no longer be a burden on my government and country.

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Nov 09, 2012
No Pity in Commerce City
by: Ken

Hi Andres,

Sorry to hear of your predicament. It is just not fair sometimes. You mentioned you were hurt on the job. It doesn't quite make sense to me why you are not getting paid compensation for your injury by the company's insurance for their workers? We call it Workers Compensation Board. Have you ever talked to a lawyer? Many of them work on a contingency basis. It doesn't cost you anything unless you win. Then they would get a percentage. Try this site and search for your city on it:


You may also try this site for some advice:


I really dislike the idea of going to the legal side of these issues, but that is why they pay insurance premiums. You are not suing the company; it is the insurance companies who would let you live the way you do. It can't hurt Andres, so give it a whirl!

Best wishes,

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