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Accident Disabled Father Seeks Government Grant For Better Family Life

by Eugene Boyd
(Greenville, TX, USA)

My name is Eugene Boyd. I'm 31 years old and married with five kids.

At the age of eight, I was hit and run over by a drunk driver. Driving about 100 mph he knock me in the air and left me on the side of the highway to die.

I had broken bones all over my body and was bandaged from head to toe. Both legs and an arm were broken, and one ear was torn my head.

I had head damage, seizures, and went through many surgeries. I was in a coma for three weeks.

I had to learn how to learn how to walk and talk all over again. Now I have four bulging disks in my back, and three in my neck.

The doctors told my parents that I probably wouldn't pull through, but God said something different.

So now I put my trust in God. He is the light of the world. He is my all. If it wasn't for the power of prayer and the saints praying for me where would I be today?

But I am writing here today to try to get some help so that I can better myself. I am fully disabled with all that has happened to me, but there's more.

I also have a rare muscle disorder, and the doctor says I have heart trouble that requires me to take medication to regulate my heartbeat. I also take a 100 mg of blood pressure pills.

I am not looking for a free hand out but just hoping and praying that this gets in the right hands of someone that can help me get a grant for disabled people.

I really need this. I have a small business plan in mind that I think that will help boost up my monthly income.

Right now I am receiving $672 SSI. Imagine me with a wife and three kids at home trying to make ends meet. But with God on my side, I make it happen.

I hope this story will touch the heart of someone who can steer us to help. Be blessed.

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