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Accident Disabled Former Nurse Seeks Government Grant For Medical Expenses

by Julie
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I used to be a productive, working taxpayer. All that changed when I was injured at work in early 2008.

Unfortunately, the injury and a multitude of underlying health issues left me disabled and unable to work.

I was a nurse in a hospital. I worked for my former employer for 20 years. When I became injured my former employer fired me and canceled my health insurance.

That is the kind of gratitude and empathy I received... for someone who worked for years taking care of others with excellence and compassion.

I have degenerative disc disease in six lumbar and three cervical vertebrae and have had two back surgeries.

I also have a heart block condition, diabetes, migraines, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, carpal tunnel and gallstones.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford insurance for my family (I was told I was uninsurable), am unable to obtain treatment for myself and am in great need of gallbladder surgery, as well as medications and other treatments.

I have run into a brick wall.

As if my situation was not enough pain for my family, my husband suffered a six-dollar per hour pay cut. Now, we can barely pay our bills, pay for food and my children and I cannot see a doctor.

I have been turned down by Social Security Disability twice and am in the appeal process, which can take two years, so in the meanwhile we are barely able to eat.

I need help. I feel as if I have been mistreated and when I think of all the years we worked, paid taxes, paid into Social Security, etc., it makes me feel as though I should just give up.

We are being punished for being law-abiding, taxpaying citizens. The irony? If I were a criminal, I would get the best of healthcare and fed, clothed and housed... for free! Go figure.

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