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Accident Disabled Husband And Father Seeks Grant Help To Offset Medical Costs

by Eric Stevens
(Hoopeston, IL, USA)

My name is Eric Stevens, and I am 38 years of age. I have a wife, Jennifer, and three children: Destiny 15, Riley 7 and Avery 2.

I have been married for six years, and the safety and well-being of my family and me is my top priority.

My disabilities are as follows:

Cervical Fusion of C-1 and C-2
Cervical Discectomy and Fusion of C5 and C-6, and C-6 and C-7
Cervical Discectomy and Arthroplasty at C-3 and C-4
Degenerative Disc Disorder of the Cervical Region
Cervical Radiculitis
Cervical Radiculopathy
Arthritis of the Cervical Region
Postlamenctomy Syndrome
Chronic Pain
Severe Depressive Disorder

These conditions resulted from a traumatic automobile accident in 1999, and they have gotten worse with time.

I have not been employed due to my severe limitations since December of 2009.

I received a Fully Favorable decision from the Social Security Administration Office of Disability Adjudication and Review on December 15, 2011, having found that my effective date of disability is January 30, 2010.

My wife works full-time, but at a low income rate due to the economy. As I progressively get worse, it will be necessary for her to spend more time with me, therefore severely limiting her work hours and reducing our already meager income.

I have numerous appointments with various doctors as well as with a psychologist, which is extremely expensive travel-wise, not to mention the lost work hours for my wife.

I also take many very expensive medications.

We will also have to procure a newer vehicle, one with far less vibration so as not to contribute to my pain, and also easier for me enter and exit comfortably.

My only personal means of income is Social Security Disability.

I am requesting any grants that would pertain to my needs (i.e. vehicle and travel expenses, home repair costs and independent living modifications, certain equipment focusing on my limitations and aiding in my comfort, and entertainment) and offset the expenses associated with my medical condition.

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