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Accident Disabled Husband Seeks Housing And Handicap Van Grant Money

by Bryon Reynolds
(Dundian, Florida, USA)

I'm an accident disabled husband and father looking to recover the American Dream I once lived.

I was first married in 1985 and had two daughters by 1989. My wife and I divorced in 1997 due to her committing adultery.

My daughters grew up going to church. Both graduated high school and went on to college.

My oldest daughter is a first grade school teacher.

My youngest daughter is still in school. She is a music major and a great singer and piano player.

I was raised with five brothers and three sisters and I was the spoiled one.

When I was four years old and was teaching myself piano, my parents spent their hard-earned money on organ keyboard lessons.

I was a carpenter and then a lineman for some time. I ended up driving a tractor-trailer. I was living the American dream.

I moved up to New York after I met a girl. We got engaged to be married.

I built my own home. It took me two years. The only thing I subbed out was the plumbing.

Unfortunately we broke up due to our differences and she would not let me have any ownership of the home I had built.

I was heartbroken. I moved back to Florida.

In July 2008, three days after I returned, I ran into a great friend I had not seen for 25 years. We got married in January 2009.

Work is hard to find, but I managed to find a job back with the power company in 2009. Unfortunately, 2000 people got laid off in our company.

January 20, 2010, I was sitting at a traffic light when I was rear-ended. I was left with three bad discs in my neck and needing surgery.

I had no insurance left, so I had to find a job because I needed that surgery. This accident left me fainting and my balance was off. The doctor put me on disability.

March 16, 2011, when I was going to the convenience store, I passed out at the wheel, barely out of the driveway. My foot buried the gas pedal and I hit a tree.

I spent nearly eight months in the hospital. My life was in danger, but I ended up making the medical journal for the most miraculous recovery doctors have ever seen.

This accident left me paralyzed from the chest down, and of course, further disabled.

My wife is also disabled due to being mentally challenged. She really had a hard time and is still dealing with it.

We lost her home to foreclosure when I was in hospital. She found a home to rent from a friend.

When I came home though, the house ended up getting condemned. We had rats and squirrels in the ceiling and even a raccoon.

We had two days to move out and found a move-in special for $200. The apartment had bad mold problems, so I ended up at my sister Nancy's home.

It was worse for my wife. She had to go to the hospital due to respiratory failure. She almost died on us.

My sister lives in a 55 plus community and me being paralyzed I can only stay 30 days.

My wife is with friends and we are trying to find a new home. We need to be together.

She makes $735 a month and I make $1175 a month. We need a three-bedroom home to rent with a live-in to take care of us.

We have a couple who wants to help us if we could come up with enough money for power and dog deposits.

In addition to housing, we need a wheelchair van. We do have a car, but it no longer runs.

It's all beyond our ability to pay. If we could just get $6,000 to $10,000 we could have a great way to start our American dream.

Thank you for hearing our story.

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Apr 18, 2012
Done in, in Dunedin
by: Ken

Hi Bryon,

Sorry to hear about your predicament. I see that between the two of you, you receive $2010 per month, which would disqualify you for many grants. But after saying that, it is also a good amount to take to a bank and present a good case to qualify for a loan. Finding a home in Dunedin for a price you can pay is going to be a challenge. Perhaps you could think of another locality.

Here is a site that may help with finding suitable housing:


I have found a site that may be able to put you in the right direction for a vehicle:


Best wishes,

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