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Accident Disabled Inventor Seeks Grant To Pioneer New Product Development

by Kirk Bergeron
(New Orleans, LA, USA)

I am a 58-year-young accident disabled individual that has always been an inventor.

At an early age, I thought of many ways of improving life and started to write down my ideas.

I am unmarried with one son who has become a welder and I have a grandson too!

By trade, I am a licensed building engineer and have been for over 30 years. Where I worked I had to find ways of improving.

I have been unable to continue in this trade due to the injury to my right arm, having paralysis in this arm and breaking my finger on my left hand.

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and started Pioneer New Product Development in June 2003 but then was derailed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I had to rebuild my home after having 18 inches of water. At my age, I was concerned about my own safety and the safety of others.

I started receiving social security disability benefits last year and will need to be reviewed in November.

After an electrical fire in early 2005, I helped my 92-year-old mother rebuild her home. I am now responsible for her primary care.

At the same time, I'm trying to start my own business while no longer actively employed and receiving Social Security Disability benefits.

I would like a grant to continue Pioneer New Product Development and get my products to market.

I have run Pioneer New Product Development out of my home and would continue this. I have at least 15 ideas that are ready to be developed.

I would like to get my product ideas developed and patented. It costs approximately $10,000 per idea to go from development to legal opinion and patent research to finally getting a patent.

I have an established relationship with a patent attorney with whom I work and he is proceeding with two of my products. One product is patent search pending and the other is copyrighted right now.

I would market each product to individual companies to see if they wanted to purchase my product. I estimate the cost to do this to be about $1500 monthly.

I also have started to market my inventions on eBay and through a website that I have established. I have run the company and will continue to do so.

I have not collected a salary so far. I would like to set up a minimum of $1000 per month. This would be for the management, development and marketing of Pioneer.

My projected sales would be a minimum of $25000 a year or more. This will depend on the products that have been developed and ready to be put out on the open market.

A grant would help me in furthering my initial development of Pioneer New Product Development.

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Jul 02, 2012
New things in Orleans
by: Ken

Hi Kirk,

Unfortunately there are no government grants for inventions. You can find investors, but you have to know how. Think of who would benefit from the use of your inventions. Manufacturers sometimes look for new ideas if they are feasible. Here is a site that if you don't or can't think of who to contact may be of help:


It is so important as an inventor that when you present your idea that you make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. If there are, what are you showing your investors? How many flaws are in your product, that's what. I'm sorry I can't help, but if you keep thinking and searching for people who can or will benefit from them, offer a large percentage of your idea to become venture partners.

Good luck,

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