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Accident Disabled Ironworker Seeks Dream Home Government Grant Money

by Thomas Scheveck
(Rapid City, SD, USA)

My name is Thomas Scheveck. I'm 45 years old and currently live with my ex-wife and children.

My doctor told me that things like this happen and I should get used to it. If I were to tell you it is hard, that would be an understatement.

I used to be an Ironworker (still am in my heart), but four years ago things changed. I was getting out of bed, and as I stood up I felt the same pain that had nearly crippled me 21 years earlier.

I had herniated the L5-S1 disk in my lower back, and apparently one of them scratched my sciatic nerve, and the damage was done.

I had felt this pain like this before when I was 20. At that time, I herniated L3-L4, got surgery done and was 100% afterward. Life was good, until this most recent accident.

I am grateful to God that the nerve was not severed. I have the use of a cane, and only medication can alleviate the pain I now live with.

I do not know how many people out there live daily with humility. It is hard; believe me.

I was good at what I did (welding), and everything I did I did for my family, my kids. Now I am divorced and relying on them.

I did manage to get Social Security Disability for them and myself. It is very little, but it helps.

I guess I should cut to the reason I am here. I'm not one to ask for help, but now I have no choice. I am looking to buy my own home, something I can give my kids one day God willing.

My now-broken dream was to one day own a doublewide modular and five acres in the Black Hills. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's now an impossibility because of my disability.

I have tried looking for help at Grants.com, and I always get the response "Grants.com does not deal in individual grants."

I found Ability-Mission.org while dreaming my dream. I do not know if anyone out there can help me, but I guess the dumbest question ever asked is the one that is never asked.

So, if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Please. Thank You!

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