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Accident Disabled Man Needs Help Restarting Security Services Company

by Sam Griffin
(Yorktown, VA, USA)

Man's best friend

Man's best friend

I am a married 40-year-old black man with no children. My wife and I live in an apartment in Yorktown, Virginia with our dog Rusty.

My disability involves by lower back and my left leg. I am partially paralyzed in my left foot and I also have a condition called drop foot.

I was injured in 1994 when I was riding my bike for work. A car was coming too fast in the crosswalk so I braked and also threw out my left leg to stop myself from getting hit.

In the process of throwing out my left leg, my L5 disc jammed into my spinal cord causing a pinched nerve.

After many years of trying to correct the problem through multiple surgeries my condition has not changed.

Each surgery was supposed to make me better but instead made me worse.

I am now 100% on disability with the inability to walk, stand, sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time without extreme pain.

At the time of my lumbar laminectomy I was unable to walk for one year. I was forced to stay in bed for the first six months and slowly started taking baby steps each day to get better.

I owned a security company at the time of my surgery with multiple contracts. I lost most of my contracts and was unable to drive due to surgery as well as the Oxycontin and other many drugs that I was on.

In the long run I ended up getting a divorce and gained 150 lb due to the surgeries. After my divorce and weight gain I filed for 100% disability, which took 30 months to get.

During that time I found myself homeless and I struggled to find the will to want to live. I did finally get my SSDI, which wasn't enough to take care of myself.

I am looking for a grant that will help me maintain the security company that I have been blessed to restart. The cost of maintaining any company is costly and I refuse to give up! With a grant I can make a difference in my community and at home.

After remarrying in April of 2010, my beautiful wife motivated me to restart my security company that I had closed seven years prior.

We are back in business as Leumas Security Services LLC with no full-time contracts but work here and there.

We are blessed to be back up and running but we simply don't have the funds to advertise our company to get back some of my old contracts.

We do mostly hotel security for student groups who visit Williamsburg and tour the area. While the students are asleep we man the floors that they're on while asleep.

My wife gives me her checks every two weeks and along with my disability check we have managed to open up an office in Williamsburg.

We also have a small staff of part-time security officers who must get a state and federal background check.

Along with the background checks the officers must complete an unarmed arrest authority and armed class in order to start working with us.

We are certified through the Department of Criminal Justice Services as an unarmed, armed, courier, and private investigative company.

We have worker's comp, general liability and automobile insurance as requested by the state of Virginia.

A standard operating procedure is available for all current staff and consumers.

There is a training officer on staff to train the new officers as well as a compliance agent to insure that we go by the rules and regulations of the Department of Criminal Justice.

We are in need of funds to maintain our office and some funding so that we don't have to struggle monthly to pay our bills.

The cost of insurance, office space, computers and other office supplies can be costly and we're not ashamed to ask for a helping hand.

Our goal is to help the unemployed get employed and supply the best service possible.

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