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Accident Disabled Man Seeking Grant Help For Rehabilitation And Reeducation

by Scott Sheppard
(Hudson, FL, USA)

I am a 39-year-old male who suffers from multiple disabilities caused by a head-on collision in May of 1995.

I have degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and chronic migraine disorder, along with a few other ailments.

After a five-year litigation that I "won" left me dead broke, in debt, and with no car, I had to start over. I managed to survive for the last 13 years, with a little help from vocational rehabilitation in 1998.

They retrained me in a new line of work that was easier on the back and neck, but not so much on the head.

Muscling it out I managed to make a modest living, but the ongoing treatments and therapies constantly drained my account and have made it hard to make ends meet.

In 2006 my injuries finally caught up to me and left me unable to work, housebound for almost four years and virtually bed-bound for the last two of those four years.

I started receiving disability in 2008, which made thing a little easier for a short while. The strain on my wife caring for someone that is disabled was too much for her to handle, and we were divorced in 2011.

After multiple surgeries and new treatments, I am now stuck with unpaid medical bills, and with a work history in a dying industry. I wish to go back to school and shift my career in a new direction.

A head-on collision in May of 1995 left me with degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and chronic migraine disorder.

The four lower discs in my back have started to deteriorate. The bottom two are virtually gone, which happens to be right were all the nerve endings come out.

Basically it is bone on bone smacking against the nerve endings, making it to painful to even move.

The migraines were so bad that I couldn't leave the house for four years, and it hospitalized me twice. I also hurt so badly because of the fibromyalgia that I couldn't do anything.

Other disabilities I have are: restless leg syndrome, which by itself is painful enough to drive you insane, and a multitude of vitamin deficiencies, which makes everything else worse.

After taking pain medications for so many years I developed low testosterone, which affects everything from day-to-day activities to my love life, and a chronic acid reflux, which affects my sleeping habits.

I have a spin stimulator implant, which makes it possible for me to have a life. Without it I can barely walk. I receive Botox injections for the migraines.

For the rest, I take daily medication and vitamins. I proudly say I take no pain medication, which I had to take for almost 17 years, and haven't since the back surgery in 2010.

I am officially disabled; it was granted in 2007.

My disabilities completely tapped me out financially, with almost 17 years of therapy, treatments and surgeries.

They left me unable to work multiple times. I was a blue-collar worker before the accident. I retrained for technical work. Now I have to retrain again because of industry changes.

My wife left me because she couldn't handle the burden of caring for me and watching me suffer every day.

I have had to take powerful narcotics for almost 17 years which caused stomach problems and Low T, which may never heal.

I was retrained by vocation rehabilitation to do technical work, which I did from 1999 to 2006.

I started receiving SSD in 2007.

I have had my own little computer repair business since 2005.

I am looking for grants to change my career path. I wish to start a new line of work diving, whether it is archeological or search/rescue.

It would be great just to get a grant to keep my starving computer business going. I would use the money to advertize and market my business.

I am currently an owner-operated business for computer, peripherals and networking repair, maintenance and installations.

I need help with marketing and advertising to keep business going.

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