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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Disability Grant For Home Based Business

by David
(Conway, Arkansas, USA)

I would like to preface this segment by stating that regardless of my current situation, I have had an incredibly blessed life.

I am 50 years old. I am married for 21 years to Elizabeth. I have the most respectable son anyone could ask for. He is David Junior and a 2nd year college student at the University of Central Arkansas.

I would like to make you aware of my childhood because it is part of my amazing journey in life. It has kept me positive and genuinely caring about doing things for other people.

At the age of 13, I was put out of our motorhome while on vacation in Kansas. I had a job when I was 10 years old. I picked up trash from a car wash. The money I earned was just to be spent on whatever I wanted.

I lived in Los Angeles. There was a time when my father left me on the roadside in Kansas with only $10 at hand which I had for my birthday.

Never had I hitchhiked or even asked friends for rides. So I began walking in the direction of a sign post that said Wichita, Kansas.

As I walked, the sun began to set deeper into the evening sky. It was then when fear became something that I was beginning to embrace. I hesitated to put out my thumb. In minutes, another motorhome pulled over.

I had trust and innocence. I had hope.

The most extraordinary event happened as I approached the door of a small store in El Paso, Texas. I only had two $1 bills left in my pocket.

A man approached me. He asked me if I was hungry. I stated that I was starving and was going to buy some crackers, bologna, and cheese if I had enough money.

Much to my amazement, he handed me a paper sack. As I opened the sack, I saw a package of the ten sliced cheese, bologna, and a single pack of crackers.

I was chilled and got tears in my eyes. I pulled out my $2 to give him and say thank you. But then he was gone. I boarded the bus and thanked God.

When I was 15, I moved out on my own. I took 5 part-time jobs as I pursued my high school diploma. I then lived in Conway, Arkansas.

I have had the luxury of working on America's Top Ten with Casey Kasem as well as multiple other television shows. I have been on the radio for more than thirty years. I just want to be more productive to our society and much less of a burden.

There are many with much less than I have and I believe in not only paying it forward but giving GOD all of the glory. I am here on this earth to help and serve. Of these things, I am certain.

Disability Issues

I got disabled after a cancelled hot call that we received when I was a patrol officer. The driver did not stop driving in a 55 miles per hour speed zone. He made a left hand turn that took us dead center into the largest oak tree I have ever seen.

He sustained a tear from the air bag to his tear duct. I had 25% of my nose torn off, flapped above my lip, and 5 facial reconstructions. To date, I've had 33.

Ten days later, a specialist said it was a failed surgery. He performed another which ended up with a staph infection. I am still recovering from this one.

I had to urinate in a bottle for two years. My loving wife emptied it three times a night.

I requested and received a power chair for which I owe $1300 after Medicare.

In between April 2010, we were devastated by a tornado outbreak. It hit our home and destroyed it while we were inside. The terror that came from that will never leave any of us.

We have rebuilt but never recovered. The money we have spent on medications, duplicate surgeries, and medical expenses in general have had my wife working two jobs. My son tried to continue college so that he may be a nurse and eventually a doctor.

We have what appears to be too much income with my $1100 in disability. My wife makes $25,000 gross a year after five years from the same job.

I have been completely disabled for over seven years. I still patrolled a few years but had to stop working when my artificial shoulder was also my gun arm. It was not a worker’s compensation case that I did not want nor did I sue. I just wanted to go back to work.

Because of that, there was no Police Disability income. I have good days and bad days. I cannot sit, stand, or lay down for any length of time. I might be walking around one day, trying to work. But the next day I will be in bed unable to move.

I am smart. I do have a disc jockey business after more than 30 years of radio and television experience. We have small savings. However, we take money out every month to survive.

Financial Hardship

Our business has suffered greatly since the duplicate surgery. We had to turn down public appearances for almost a year. Bills and expenses for daily needs are all slowly depleting what was to be a retirement.

We now live off of our savings in addition to our income. There was no promotion, just 25 cent raise twice in five years. When Medicare gives a cost of living raise, they offset it by increasing the part A of Medicare.

Every doctor appointment, my wife has to take off of work to take me because of my medications. I have been diagnosed as well with Type II Diabetes. Special diets are expensive.

My power chair supplier is expecting me to send $70-$100 a month for the next 13 months to offset Medicare. We will be taking loans on our house when our credit goes up another 20 points. But we don’t know how we will pay it back.

My son is extremely smart. However, he has to spend so much time with me. Thus, he is not doing so great in college. After two years from the University, he has to go to a specialist school to get his RN license. After this, he will then be able to work. While working, he can return to the University and study for one more year so he can have his BSN degree.

I want to work. I can work at home. I can assemble; do phone work, edit, and data entry. But I cannot perform all in eight hours a day.

I want to get off of Medicare. I want my life back. I am alone all day and it is depressing. I want to contribute.

When the tornado killed five of our neighbors, I used part of my insurance money to bury a lady I hardly know who lost her grandmother. I help anyone I can. Everyone I know owes me money. However, they never seem to have even a dime to pay me back.

Income Efforts

I have been denied SSDI and Medicaid. Any program that would help me get a vehicle to put and lift my power chair has turned us down. This is due to some old cars that we have.

We qualify for nothing. We look like we are fine but if you follow my savings and retirement money, it went from $100,000 to less than 10% of that. We take $1000 out each month to live. Thus, we will have nothing in eight months.

My DJ business will take years to recover from the year downtime. To catch up on the songs alone, it will take over $5,000.

I have no friends because I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. Many people who have free time in the day time seem to be headed down that path.

I have restored the 6,000 square foot building we built our first house in. 2,500 square feet was home, the rest was storage. But I would love to have an assembly line in it. I want the air conditioning and electrical put back to it. After that, I could find a business to do that would need such building.

Specific Needs

I am looking for any benefits, retraining, home business opportunities, or grants. These would be opportunities wherein I can serve and help others, as well as not be a burden to my loved ones. I want to be able to send my son to the fast track RN program for $20,000.

No lawyer will touch the medical malpractice case I have, which can be won. It costs so much for experts. I do not even want to sue.

I want Doctor One to refund all that I paid for the botched surgery. Furthermore, since he is part owner of the hospital, I would like all of that money given back to pay Doctor Two who had to redo the surgery eight months later.

Business Ideas

I would love to be either retrained or prepare a building I have onsite. I want it to be a home based business of either shipping or perhaps assembly.

I have many hours that I can fully devote with the use of my power chair and weekend assistance from my family. I can make good use of a 6,000 square foot building that is currently just a remnant from the tornado.

I can even turn it into an event center. It can be used for weddings, receptions, parties, or business meetings with just some modifications and beautifications. It might run into a $50,000 range. But then, it would produce a minimum of double the price in the first year.

I also have the option of getting a co-signer. If I could get one on my home, I would like to take out $180,000 and buy a 3,200 square foot house with tornado damage. I have already priced the sub-contracting and materials.

The house was worth $400,000. That was before the pool was installed. Therefore, I could bank nearly a quarter of a million dollars. However, my credit is in the six hundreds and the bank wants it a bit higher.

I am not lazy. I want to succeed in something to lighten the load and reward others with my good fortune. I would love to have a non profit organization to help veterans. I am capable of sorting, fixing, assembling or storing things.

I want to do something; life is passing me by.

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Dec 07, 2012
by: Dottie C.

I am in total agreement with the last poster about the website benefits.gov. It will lead you to a lot of different places that I didn't even know existed.

I am in my own personal injury nightmare and know how it is to "not have enough but a little too much." It's very frustrating to say the least.

The footwork we have to do may be time-consuming but is worth it in the long run.

I wish you the best of luck. You and your family will be in my prayers and I hope you will keep me in yours.

Dec 07, 2012
Added Information
by: Anonymous

Some of the facts were transposed on the rewrite. It was my 13th birthday and even then I cannot imagine a child today being in that situation. I do receive Disability and it took two more years for healthcare. But $1100 does not go as far as one might hope.

My dad was never arrested. Child services were as keen and prevalent and as effective as today offers.

I am thankful to have my story read but would like to clear up a few other things. I have had 33 surgeries over the past eight years. The last surgery had to be duplicated. My dad has certainly done his best to make up for those years. I obviously have an unconditional love for him. It's hard to understand I know. My real mom cheated on him.

I attempted suicide multiple times before I was ten, the age we moved with my father.

What I found a few years ago was that I was not eligible for much assistance because I am not completely destitute. I have too much to get help, and too little to better my family, but I hope to bring those who have nothing a chance to grow with us. I am not greedy nor do I really want anything handed to me.

My police wreck happened my first night on patrol. We were running hot in a 35 mph zone at 55 mph when my partner drove us into the tree. I hope this helps clears up some of the misconceptions.

I am appreciative you took the time to read my story and offer advice. There is so much more to the story you would be amazed. The years I was able to patrol has some Incredible information.

Again my story was edited and does not completely reflect all that I had stated, but sometimes vital information is lost in translation. My high school never knew I lived in a trailer alone. As long as my son has the love we give him he will never endure what I experienced, nor will his children.

So no matter what my past was I am blessed the cycle is broken and I will always keep seeking work and to help others. In the end, that love and desire will persevere. God will bless you for sharing with me and allowing me to clear up some things.

Much more could be explained but you have already given me your valuable resources, your time and advice. That to me makes you a caring and considerate person. For that, I thank you. Sincerely and Respectfully and with Truth, DAVE

Dec 07, 2012
Get The Big Picture
by: Claudy

I am confused after reading your story! I wanted to know how a small child left out on the highway with two dollars and a brown bag of crackers and luncheon meat ended up a patrol officer? Did not anyone see a ten year old and report it to the authorities? Did your father get arrested and jailed for his actions? Look at a ten year old and realize how small and young that is! I don't know exactly where this happened but to even think of a small child on the highway in the middle of the night is more than I can imagine!

Second, I did not realize that at 50 years old you can receive Medicare without getting Social Security!

Finally, I'm certainly happy that you survived such abuse and neglect but that is all behind you now. I can offer you some advice that could possibly help!

Go online to a website called benefits.gov and take the questionnaire. It is easy and should not be a problem. After you answer all the questions, you get a computer generated list of all federal, state and local agencies that provide the benefits you may qualify for. It is complete with addresses and contact information. There will be programs specific to you. You will probably for the first time get a big picture of all government help for you. You will be amazed at how much you did not know was out there for you. You won't be disappointed.

Sir, I hope that benefits.gov helps and you have a bunch of good luck to follow. I'm sure it will. Take care.

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