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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant For Accessible Housing

by Richard Trzepacz
(Lexington, Massachussetts, USA)

When I was 11 years old on April 19 1976 in my home town of Lexington Massachusetts standing in front of the iconic minuteman statue, I snuck under someone's legs and stood up to shake the hand of the President of the United States.

I did it and I told my dad (a Korean navy veteran) what I did and he hugged me and told me he loved me. Then in October of that year my father died in front of me.

I was hurt and confused and then I accepted it gracefully and continued with my sixth grade. I was into model cars and going down the right roads.

My mother could not afford to put all three children through college, but she scrimped and saved enough for my older sister to go.

I went to Minuteman Vocational Technical High School for what I thought was the perfect thing for me -- auto body car refinishing.

I graduated and after working at it for a while, I realized it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I got a job repairing computers and went to GTE Sylvania Technical Institute and graduated from there.

I went to work for M/A-COM building the radar guidance systems for the minuteman missiles and I did not like it and I quit.

Then I became the manager of Sears Business Systems Computer Repair. I was helping a friend with heavy equipment.

We spent an entire weekend in September of 2007 packing repair trucks to go to Hurricane Katrina's victims to help repair the excavators and other heavy equipment in Louisiana.

I spent all weekend with no sleep and on Monday morning I had to give my girlfriend back her truck to go to work.

I fell asleep on the way to her house, hit a tree and ended up in a three-week coma.

Now I am in a rehab and I'm not able to live with my mom because she lives in a three-floor condominium and I can't get around there easily at all in my wheelchair.

I need a grant to get a house and money for my future. I need help.

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Jun 02, 2013
Can't afford to publish the book I authored

Thank you all from my heart. My life has actually gotten a lot worse. Could any entity bring salvation to a handicapped individual such as myself who has had everything taken from them? Even my SSI check was taken and the caring facility has overpaid themselves after I told them of their wrongful ways. They told me I was a troublemaker. They agreed to only pay me back at $40 a week. How illegal is taking a handicapped person's SSI check for personal gain by a corporation expected to have charitable attitude?

Apr 16, 2012
Still need help, desperately now!
by: Anonymous

It's me, Richard. A lot has happened to me since writing my story. My mom has passed away. My old wheelchair wheels fell off. I broke my arm. I knocked out nine teeth. I hurt my lower back again.

No one believes I was in an accident in 1987 that hurt my lower back initially. The Arlington Massachusetts hospital that had all those records closed years ago. Where are the records now?

My rehab is protecting the wheelchair repair company and I have no one on my side at all. My sister has taken all my inheritance monies and never even paid my other divorced sister with five kids either.

My rehab is telling me I am cured of a traumatic brain injury and for me to leave. The rehab had me sign a paper they told me was for my doctor, but no, it was to take away my SSI check for a rep payee company, who believes $40 a month is enough for everyone to survive on!

So $1.33 a day is my allowance. Anyone can live on that huge amount, can't they? I HAVE to. The rep-payee is not paying bills and my credit rating was affected badly. Does anyone else see a problem with this scenario?

Please, I need any help available. I will repeat your help to me two-fold to other people in this predicament. My mom always taught me to do the right thing. Gosh bless her!

Mar 23, 2010
Resources ...
by: Katina

Thank you for sharing your story! I was moved by it.

I did an initial search for grant opportunities and this is what I found.

A Sample Grant Proposal created by a Not for Profit Organization can be found here. Use this for an example when writing for a grant. There are several sample grant applications/proposals online for review. You can also submit your drafted proposal for review, which I highly recommend before submitting it for consideration.

Example -- Grant Proposal

Additional Tips:
Don't put all your efforts into finding grants online. There are local resources such as: The United Way, the Red Cross, Churches, Veterans Centers, Universities and other Disability Social Services that may be able to help, or provide additional networking resources.

Hope my suggestions help some.
Good luck to you.

Katina from Ability-Mission.org

I almost forgot to list the newspaper information. Again, have someone review your article /story before submitting it anywhere. You could contact the local high school or even university depending on the time of year to ask for help with proofreading. Trust me, teachers like to give back, especially when they know it is an adult in their own community asking. All you have to do is "ask" and be someone vigilant on searching for grants.

Lexington Newspaper online: Wicked Local

Feb 26, 2010
Accessible Housing
by: Pat Helton

I hope you find some help. There is a book on this website to buy that shows how to get a grant but I can't afford it. Maybe you can get it and get a grant to help you. My prayers are with you. May God reach down and touch you with a loving hand. Pat

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