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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant For Wheelchair Accessible Housing

by Samuel Gonzalez
(Pennsauken, NJ, USA)

Walking in Spirit

Walking in Spirit

June 3, 2007 I was driving on the highway in Dearborn, Indiana, when I passed a car/motorbike wreck with an ambulance there.

I squeezed through slowly and feeling debris from the wreck as I passed through, I offered a mental prayer for the victims. Five minutes later, I found myself flipping my car. I ended up being paralyzed.

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I lived with a woman and her kids. I supported them for two years. Because of hardship, I had to leave my family in Ohio where I was living. I returned to New Jersey, where most of my family lives, for the support I needed.

They did about all they could do for me and now I'm in need. I'm looking to move to Pennsylvania. Here in South Jersey, doctors for patients with spinal cord injuries are not available for me.

I'm traveling two hours to see a doctor in North Jersey because my Medicaid and Medicare do not cover the services offered by a spinal cord injury facility 10 minutes away.

I want to live in Pennsylvania and be around the doctors who know about my injuries and care. I had a doctor five minutes from where I live and the outcome of him stop treating me is a disgrace.

I've been living with my brother who has been helpful but I need to live in a wheelchair accessible housing home. Even a mobile home would be good!

For two years, I've been living in a room for that belongs to my beautiful niece, who is growing up.

I don't have friends to help me. I need a grant to buy a piece of land and a mobile home that is wheelchair accessible. A HUD or Section 8 in Pennsylvania would be great, but not here where I have to wheel through a bunch of gangs to a store.

I tried getting help here in Camden, NJ, the 5th poorest city in the U.S.A. for housing. They told me straight up, "Sorry, but before you even hear about housing, it will take like five years."

My hope is down the drain.

All I'm asking for is a wheelchair accessible home I can afford with my $705 monthly income from the government.

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