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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant Money For Medical Debt Relief

by Anthony Heath
(Savannah, GA, USA)

I've had a painful and economically hard life. My medical problems have cost me dearly and I could now use some government grant money for debt relief.

As a young man I rode motorcycles for my transportation. Unfortunately it took three accidents to change my idea about safe transportation.

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The last accident, in 1981, I was hit by the area Deputy D/A. I was laid up in the hospital for four months as the doctors removed part of my right foot saying the trauma to the heel from blunt force killed the tissue in my heel, which had to be removed.

Although the person who hit me was at fault, he and my lawyer ended up getting me less than $10,000 after lawyer costs. My hospital bill was $47,000. I was laid up and out of work for a year. Bye-bye credit.

Five years down the road, I began having bowel problems that were first diagnosed as cancer but subsequently after surgery rediagnosed as scar tissue closing off my colon.

The damage would have required massive long-term intravenous antibiotics given over a long time to allow the colon to heal properly and eventually to close the scar.

Another $20,000 got added to my bad credit. My lawyer told me that too much time had passed for any kind of compensation. I went back to work too soon and destroyed my abdominal muscles.

Approximately three years later, I went to the emergency room with chest pains, which was diagnosed as gall bladder disease, and my gall bladder was removed.

This was before laser surgery so I had a new scar reaching from my breastbone around by right rib cage. That was $13,000.

Well I got married, had children and began attending college. I also worked as the supervisor running several crews remodeling antique houses into rental units.

In 2000 I went to the doctor for a checkup. In 12 hours I went from his office to a cardiologist to the hospital where they performed emergency bypass to seven arteries in my heart.

I finished my B.F.A. in two subjects graduating Summa Cum Laude. I felt like a kid again with a new heart (well almost) and a fresh degree in the field I loved.

Even though there was a $250,000 bill I was used to lousy credit and being screwed by creditors. I went back to work and began going for my masters to the point where I could attain a teaching post.

Just as I was finishing my thesis I began to go blind in my left eye. It was diagnosed as a clogged carotid artery, which was cut open and the clog removed but I had a stroke.

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