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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant To Build New Income Source

by Sean
(Lawton, Michigan, USA)

My wife and almost two-year-old son were just a few miles away, waiting for me to arrive to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

It was a cool fall day and I had decided to get my Harley out for one more ride. Unfortunately, I never made it to my wife's family dinner.

A lady pulled out in front of me, in a large older style car. My head went through the driver window and door area so hard I actually bent the frame.

Apparently, my wife and family began calling my cell, not aware of the traumatic accident that just had happened.

My wife of 15 years and our young son didn't know what they were to face. Finally, my wife was able to make contact with someone on my cell.

She didn't know at the time it was the Chaplin, who was with me at the hospital. I had no idea what had happened, or where my wife was.

When my wife and family arrived at the hospital she was told at the front desk that the "Chaplin" is coming to get you. She was beside herself, was led back to a small room and was told little information.

Finally, she was at my side, answering my questions, which were the same questions about every 15 minutes.

I spent four days in the trauma unit. I suffered severe traumatic brain injury, four fractured ribs and separation of my sternum from rib cage, along with two major operations to fuse my SI joint and install eight types of hardware in my back.

I had a collapsed lung and went through three years of physical therapy, speech therapy, counseling and more.

I even tried to return to my 15 years plus as a survey crew supervisor. I put in so many of the new business and subdivisions in the southwest Michigan area it is almost painful when I drive by my job sites.

I have a new life at home now, and my wife and I are trying still to adjust to "ALL" of the marital and personal issues this type of trauma can create in a family.

I can't lift more than 20 lbs ever. I have back pain daily. I can't remember my head if it weren't attached due to the short-term memory loss that is life long.

I am lucky my emotions are controlled today at least. I get to take several new medications for the rest of my adult life.

I am not able to sit and hunt for the hours I used to. I will not be able to teach my son how to snow ski, or get on the floor and wrestle. My list continues, but I have to have a pity party.

My wife lost her teaching job as a special education teacher because her "personal life" was too much responsibility along with trying to maintain the duties of teaching.

She has taught for 10 years now, has her Master's degree and is now waiting to collect unemployment.

I am seeking funds to start a home business my wife and I can run on our property. I am blessed to own five acres, and hope to continue to pay my mortgage of $1400 a month with my $1500 monthly check from social security disability.

We hope to open a kennel for dog sitting on our property, along with processing deer meat in the fall and wintertime.

My story and modifications to our life is not the direction we were headed. This accident has almost left my wife without a husband, due to my depression and PTSD.

However, God has granted me a second chance to live my "new life." Please allow me to strive and open a home business and start a new career for myself, using the talents I am able to use.

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