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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money For Lawn Care Business

by Kenneth
(Wake, VA, USA)

I am a 50-year-old widowed father with 3 children ages 29, 24 and 22. Two of them are still in college.

My present income is very low and my children still need my help financially.

I'm a college graduate myself and held 4 masters certifications in the state of Virginia: plumber, electrician, HVAC and gas fitter.

I have a degree in business administration. I have owned and run 3 businesses of my own over the past 22 years.

Disability Issues

I was involved in a work-related accident in 2004 that left me severely physically and mentally disabled. I have loss of use in one arm, damage to both knees and a traumatic brain injury.

This caused me great financial loses when the Workers Compensation insurance company denied my claim for benefits and beat me out of the settlement I should have received.

I was forced to seek disability through the social security disability services and it was granted with no denials or hesitations.

I now survive solely on my social security income because it was determined that I would never be able to hold regular employment again.

I am still disabled but I feel there are still some things I can do for employment and by starting a lawn care business with some help and special equipment I could work another 15 years without relying on income from the already ailing social security system.

Financial Hardship

After my accident I lost my primary home, all my savings, retirement, rental properties, vacation home, and full time employment, and lost my career of over 22 years.

I am living in substandard low income housing in a trailer park in Middlesex County, Virginia.

I moved here from Richmond Va. because it was the cheapest place I could find to live on my own with my Social Security income.

I still feel that I could support myself and help my children with college if I were able to start a lawn care business in my area.

There are a lot of seasonal vacation homes here in need of lawn care services. With the right equipment I could make around $38,000 per year.

Income Efforts

I have tried several forms of employment since my accident as a mobile disc jockey, handyman, transportation caregiver for the elderly, and consignment flea market sales.

Because of physical limitations and mental dementia I was not able to perform the duties required to continue in these ventures.

I have been doing fairly well with lawn services for the last year using borrowed equipment from a friend.

I have 6 customers but need to expand to 20 customers and have the proper equipment I need to perform these duties that my disabilities require.

Specific Needs

I do not have any assets or credit abilities available to me at this time because of all the damages to my asset values and credit score.

It's that and the fact that my accident and proceeding disabilities have caused me to lose everything. I have nothing in the way of financial security.

I am hoping for some grant money to get me off to a good start in the business and offer me the ability to regain the dignity and respect I have lost and allow me to work for the next fifteen years.

I don't want to depend on SSD social security disability at my age when I feel I am still able to support myself with some help to get started.

Business Idea

I live close to the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay on the east coast of Virginia.

Here we have a largely seasonal population of vacation homeowners. Most of these people need lawn car services for their vacation homes and about 43% of them are elderly and unable to maintain the property themselves anyway.

I have researched the demographics of the area and the need for my business in my area. This will be a yearly contract, repeat business for years to come and is a needs based service that will guarantee a viable service to the community.

This is also economy proof and when success overrides my abilities to maintain demand, expansion will allow for more jobs and employment opportunities for others in the area.

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Jul 02, 2014
by: Rigo

I read this in 2014 and pray that all has worked out for you in a great way, I may never hear from you but I am humbled and impressed greatly and your determination and perseverance, God bless you and reward you accordingly,

Nov 23, 2012
Tomorrow Belongs To You
by: Claudy

If you keep looking back you can't go forward! Buddha Proverb

Nov 21, 2012
by: disabled man

My children have already been through great hardship with the untimely loss of their mother. They were 10 and 12. I did everything I could to keep them going and then they almost lost their father too. When they have achieved stability in life, graduating college and getting a good job as I did, they will be more than willing to return the favor by helping take care of me. They are wonderful young adults now. With God's Grace they are turning out better than most. I am glad to have been able to take them this far in life. They are dedicated and well grounded. Thank you much for your other comments.

Nov 20, 2012
Your Turn For Help
by: Claudy

I must say that you are certainly amazing. With a lame arm, bad knees and severe brain injury, you still seek work and have dependent adult children. Judging by their ages they must be pursuing advance degrees. Another testament to your influence.

However a time comes when most everyone should take responsibility for themselves! First, I believe your adult children should be helping their severely disabled father. There is an old saying, one man can take care of three children, then three children can take care of one man. In fact it reinforces independence.

You are super industrious and quite savvy even injured. So you probably already know about benefits.gov . It is a Web site that has a survey and a computer generated list of all the government agencies and benefits you qualify for. Both federal and state complete with contact information. If you haven't taken the survey before, I'm sure you are entitled to more than you are aware. It's a great resource.

Also, social security will assist in finding appropriate employment for you. There are ready and willing to get you back into the workforce and paying taxes. So give them a try.

Finally I really appreciate your determination in becoming viable again. You are qualified for more than lawncare and I'm sure you will be successful. My hat is off to you sir. Wish there were more like you. Good luck.

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